Team Vacancies

Teams with Vacancies

Red-necked Stints

Our team the Red-necked Stints, are seeking one more feathered friend - who else would like to migrate with us? Dont have to be a migratory wader bird enthusiast but a sense of humour is essential :) . All 3 members are in SA, we dont mind where you come from as long as you can make it in time. There is the option of staying at the accommodation we have booked for the night before and the night of the walk, in Port Elliott, if you wish. No need to do any fundraising unless you want to. Will need to pay registration fee please.

The F.E.E.L's

The F.E.E.L's

Help! One of our team members has just pulled out due to a back injury. If anyone is looking to join Fiona, Laura and Emily on our trek you are very welcome.


We have had a last minute withdrawal and need a new Team Member. Anyone up for it? We are a GREAT bunch of ladies!

Who is looking after our kids?

Who is looking after our kids?

The Flamingo's

Reasons for joining our team; 1. We are 3 women looking for another woman to join our supportive and caring team. 2. You will make some new friends. 3. We are passionate about supporting mental health. 4. We motivate and inspire each other. 5. Two of us work together, two of us used to work together and two of us only just met. 6. We are all at different fitness levels and will work together to set goals for the team. 7. Flamingos are symbolic of balance, being open towards others and having an open heart. 8. There will be no judgement if you bring chocolate. 9. You will be able to wear a Flamingo T-shirt. 10. You will have the most fun with us.

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