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 Coastrek, Australia’s favourite hiking challenge, is bringing a 10km Moonlight Magic walk to our nation’s beautiful capital. 

We’re on a mission to inspire women and their loved ones to get up and get moving, while raising funds for mental health, and Coastrek Canberra is your chance to join us. 

This experience is led by connection – to our health, our city and to nature, but also to our loved ones and our wider community. It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves of the joy and exhilaration we feel when we truly switch off and connect with those around us, when we feel part of something bigger than ourselves.

This brand new event gives you a new way to get involved - it’s shorter, easier and less committing than our flagship events, but still has the same Coastrek magic.

Walk with us and rediscover beautiful Canberra, by moonlight.



Loop around Lake Burley Griffin, starting at Bowen Park

Walk 10km

Get moving, bring friends, have fun!

Raise Funds

Pledge to raise at least $75

for Beyond Blue


Top Individuals

Top Teams

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Why Coastrek Is Your Perfect Choice for a Canberra Charity Event

Now that you know a bit more about the walking tracks and trails that Canberra has to offer, as well as the charity opportunities that Coastrek provides, we hope that you will join us to raise money for a great cause.

However, if you're still not sure, we've provided a few reasons why you should definitely help us raise money for mental health while boosting your own health and having a great time along the way:

Giving back to the community strengthens our relationships

Raising money for mental health, and smashing your own health and fitness goals, is great, but there is far more to this Canberra event. The experience you will share with friends and family will help you to strengthen those all-important bonds, providing great memories you will share for many years to come. You’ll be able to help out an amazing cause, all whilst getting fit and healthy on our moonlight Canberra trail!

You won't be going it alone

Of course, you and your friends won't be alone in your fundraising. Hundreds of other Canberra residents will be there alongside you, making a positive difference and raising much-needed funds for mental health. It's a great feeling to be able to share this with others, but our Coastrek event goes beyond even this. You’ll be trekking with friends and a whole community!

You'll also receive advice and assistance from the experts in our team, making sure you have the support you need to succeed.

It's a pretty amazing feeling

Well, what can we say? You'll know what we mean when you reach the finish line and feel that rush of positive energy. There's no point in trying to put it into words as there's no way we could do it justice!