Our mission is to inspire women to soar beyond their wildest dreams, and we know that time in nature with friends is fantastic for both our physical and mental health. We are thrilled we are now able to get outdoors and get walking with friends, while still protecting our community.

The Sydney Coastrek Series 100 is an amazing community walk designed to give you something to look forward to, train for and enjoy – while staying COVID-safe.

To keep our community safe and comply with government restrictions, each walk is limited to 500 participants (100 teams plus staff and volunteers) and only registered trekkers will be allowed onto the route (you’ll have to FaceTime your families as you cross the finish line!).

What we are doing to keep you COVID-safe:

We are absolutely committed to be the gold standard event for COVID safety, because we are responsible for the health and wellbeing of all our trekkers, their families and our community. We have developed the following safety precautions to ensure our Coastrek Series 100 is COVID-safe:

  1. We have created two separate, awesome community challenges to limit participant numbers.
  2. Our COVID-19 Safety Plan, based on public health orders and approved by the relevant federal, state, and local health authorities is very comprehensive.
  3. Qualified COVID-19 Safety Officers will keep everyone safe and ensure the COVID-19 Safety Plan is followed.
  4. We will modify starts to ensure there is no crowding, we will allocate start arrival times and ensure trekkers set off as soon as they are ready to go (trickle starts)
  5. We will have COVID-cool signage along the route to encourage all trekkers to practice physical distancing and excellent hand hygiene.
  6. We will provide sanitising stations along the route.
  7. We will screen all staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers before they attend Coastrek and on arrival.
  8. Staff, volunteers, contractors and suppliers will be briefed to practise good hand hygiene, wear masks and disinfect common surfaces from start to finish
  9. We will modify all activations that may result in lingering or gathering, but they will still be awesome! 
  10. We will have technology in place to help with contact tracing should we need it.
  11. We will constantly monitor NSW Health regulations and public health orders in the lead up to Coastrek and modify Coastrek to comply.
  12. We will provide clear guidelines and communications to all participants in the lead up to Coastrek.

How can participants help to stay safe and protect our community?

We need YOUR help to ensure we protect each other and stay safe. 

  1. Trekkers MUST NOT attend if:
  • you are feeling unwell
  • you have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 case in the past 14 days
  • you have travelled from a regional area
  • you have travelled internationally or domestically via airplane
  • you have attended any of the reported case locations (listed on NSW Health website)
  • Travel requires you to stay the night in Sydney
  1. For contact tracing purposes, registration is ESSENTIAL, and only registered trekkers will be allowed on the route.
  2. Teams will be advised to arrive ready to start. Your team will only have 15 minutes at the start to do final checks, collect your bibs and go! 
  3. We recommend downloading the CovidSafe app to assist with contact-tracing
  4. For your safety please take note of the signage and directions along the route and observe physical distancing.
  5. Bring hand sanitiser along and sanitise whenever you should (COVID-101):
  • Wash hands before arrival, after touching common surfaces and after using the bathroom.
  • properly sanitise hands using the hand sanitiser provided.
  1. Practice physical distancing with other teams or participants not from your household. This means keeping 1.5m from other trekkers unless you are wearing a mask
  2. If you sneeze or get hay-fever symptoms, blow your nose on a clean tissue, put it in a bin or a rubbish bag in your pack, and wash your hands before continuing.  
  3. Each trekker should bring their own water bottle - sharing of water bottles is a BIG no-no! Same with food or snacks – usually we share, but not this year.
  4. Unfortunately there will be no mingling, gathering or hugging and absolutely no support crew at the finish line. Part of the challenge is to leap through the finish arch, take a quick selfie, grab your team’s medals and head home to celebrate with your teammates.