19 MARCH 2021

From Palm Beach to Mosman, you’ll experience world-class beaches, pristine national parks and views of sparkling Sydney Harbour. The magic of Coastrek is that our route journeys right along the coastline, on sandy beaches, harbourside trails and coastal headlands. You'll experience Sydney Harbour like you've never seen it before. 

Online - Access Sydney Event Route Map

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  • Instructions on how to use the MAPS.ME app: HERE
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Hard copy - Download Sydney Event Map Book 

  • Download Sydney Event Map Book
  • Includes track notes and everything you need to know about the 60km, 30km or 15km routes.
  • Print it out, or save on your phone, and keep it handy for Event Day!

What is the route like?

From Palm Beach to Mosman, you’ll experience world-class beaches, pristine national parks and views of sparkling Sydney Harbour.

60km route

The 60km route starts on Palm Beach, where you will begin your challenge heading north (yes, you read that right!). Look up to the lighthouse… that’s where you’re headed! Enjoy the spectacular 360 views of the peninsula.

After you have looped around Barrenjoey lighthouse, you will come back down to Palm Beach, then make your way up the headland on the south end of the beach. After crossing Florida Road, it will seem like you’re walking up someone’s driveway (don’t worry, you’re going the right way!). Please always follow our pink markers and refer to your map.

The next 20km follows narrow undulating trails with spectacular views. The trail alternates between headland and beach, so we highly recommend ankle gaiters and sand resistant shoes to keep out sand and debris.

There are plenty of Surf Life Saving Clubs along the first half of your beautiful route, which means many opportunities for toilets and icy poles. Don’t forget to sanitise before you slurp down that Calippo! There are also plenty of access points for your support crew to meet you along the way.

Check out the Luv Stop at Newport for a quick rest and continue along the gorgeous beaches and coastal trails. There is a LOT of beach in the first half of your route, and you’ll be grateful for all that soft sand training. As you reach Long Reef SLSC, you have made it halfway! Woohoo!

30km route (and second half of the 60km route)

The 30km route from Long Reef to Mosman is mostly footpath/trail and with only a spot of sand at Dee Why, Curl Curl, Freshwater and Balmoral.

After enjoying the beautiful headlands and beaches from Long Reef to Manly, you’ll join the famous Spit to Manly walk (although you'll being heading in the opposite direction from Manly to the Spit) with magnificent views across Sydney Harbour. You will go through North Harbour Reserve which is also the start line for the 15km walk (and halfway point for our 30km hikers!).

There are very few water and toilet stops along the this entire section. You must refill your water bladder EVERY TIME you see a water refill station (at the Luv Stops), even if you think you have plenty left. During training, these water points will not be available, so ensure you take extra water with you when training on the route. 

15km route (second half of 30km route, last quarter of 60km route)

The stunning 15km route journeys along stunning harbourside trails, with spectacular views out to the Sydney Heads and towards the city. Enjoy those sparkling city lights! You’ll follow the well-marked Manly to Spit trail for most of your walk.

It may be very dark for those finishing after sunset. Remember to bring your head torch (no, your iPhone torch is not enough!), even if you expect to finish in daylight. They are compulsory for all trekkers.

When you reach the Spit Bridge, continue along the coastline on the footpath until you arrive at the Middle Head circuit. By this stage you’re almost at the finish line! Woohoo! You did it!

Please note:  All Coastrek routes are subject to change. We attempt, at all times, to adhere to the advised route. As we are immersed in nature, however, there may sometimes be circumstances beyond our control (tides, fallen trees/branches, other safety aspects as advised by local councils) that require us to slightly alter the route. In any such cases these will be clearly marked and identified on event day.

If there is a government directive that disrupts your proposed Coastrek route on Event Day, you will get to choose your own route, based on your local area, COVID cluster conditions and suggestions from us, with all the support and assistance you need. We will give you some inspiration by suggesting routes we know and love in your area.