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Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 30km

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My target 30kms

Another day, another 15 k

Spent a lovely morning this morning with my fellow Pilgrim Joanna Ryan walking the first 15kms of our Coastrek route.

I particularly enjoyed the North Head Reserve where I had never walked before. This photo was taken from the old Quarantine Cemetary - with some amazing views straight down the harbour.

We are getting somewhere!

Memo to self - take phone with you when you go for a walk otherwise you have no proof of how damned far you walked!

Today I reckon 16.5 kms from Kyeemagh dog free beach car park down to Sandringham Point to Sans Souci and back again with a pit stop at the 10km mark at Dolls Point for coffee and granola.

A warm day but lovely with great views of planes taking on and off as I headed back to the car park along the Grand Parade.

You have to start somewhere ...

It is easy to be complacent - particularly as this will be my fifth coastrek event (Sydney 50kms, Sydney 30kms, Melbourne 30kms, Adelaide 30kms).

I have done very little training since signing up other than walk 120 kms over 6 days in Japan in September/October last year!

I walked the Nakasendo Way from Mitake to Narai through the Kiso Valley in humidity that could be replicated in late March Sydney. That walk is where my profile photo comes from - that is me ringing a bear bell. I was never sure whether you rang the bell to signal lunch time for said bears or whether the bear bell was truly designed to keep the bears away. Suffice to say I survived that walk and the only bear we saw was a carved wooden one in the first coffee shop we came to at the end of the walk (see photo above)!

Four and a bit weeks to go so today a gentle 9.75kms up to Vaucluse and down to breakfast.

I’m taking on Sydney Coastrek!

On Friday 4 September, I'll be taking part in Sydney Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

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Great initiative Belinda! Happy walking!


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Goodluck with your trek! And thanks for the chocolate cake :)