Chicks with Kicks

Brisbane Coastrek 30km

We're taking on Brisbane Coastrek!

We are taking part in Brisbane Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor our trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

Team Updates

Locals supporting locals. Huge Friday Shoutout to Noosa Beer Co, Land & Sea

Happy days! A huge Friday shoutout to Noosa Beer Co, Land & Sea, from the Chicks with Kicks team!!
Land & Sea, the first brewery in Noosa, is sponsoring the Chicks with Kicks team, 4 Noosa women, by supplying the team shirts today for our 30 km Coastrek on 26th July.
A great match, given the Chicks with Kicks are going to see plenty of local ‘land and sea’ on our 30 km trek from Mudjimba Beach to Noosa Woods that Friday!
We hope to enjoy a nice cold local beer too… once we've crossed the finish line ☺
The Chicks with Kicks have committed to raise funds for Fred Hollows Foundation... $25 is all it costs to save the sight of one person!
If you'd like to support the Chicks with Kicks team, with any donation from $2 and up, head to our fundraising page at Currently our tally is $2776 raised. We would love to smash through the $3000 ceiling before we trek.
Thank you to Sianna Lucas, Sales Rep for LAND & SEA Brewery (pictured) for arranging these lovely blue & pink shirts today.

Local celebrities!

Noosa News journalist, Caitlin Zerafa, lined up an interview & photo of Chicks with Kicks in the Noosa Woods earlier this morning. Should be in the paper next Tuesday! Hopefully it will prompt our fundraising tally to creep past the $3000 mark. Currently sitting at $2667. 

Two further big trek training days, a 25 km and a 20 km so we know we can... mentally and physically fit/endurance-wise we can, it's the feet that aren't loving this new pastime.

(Fun fact: My family was friends with Caitlin's family in our old school days. Caitlin went to school with Katie D, and is now rocking it as a local journalist, 22 years - go girl!)

More photos in the Coastrek team page.

We've probably exhausted all our friends and family for fundraising by now... thank you for your contributions and support. If you know anyone who is keen to give the gift of sight to a fellow human, any donation of $2+ makes a difference. You're welcome to share this post :) 

Somewhere over the rainbow... there's a Guinness waiting :)

A bit behind in the updates, my apologies. We're now nearly down to only July left of our training schedule! Trek day is Friday 26 July.

Thank you everyone who topped up the fundraising tally on the Day for Fred last week.

This photo is from Jane. Everyone has flown solo for training this past week. Jane got hers done in her mum's Perth neighbourhood. A 12 km walk that led her to stumbling across the Ye Olde Narrogin Inn, the pub Jane and her dad used to pop into now and then for a Guinness. So her walk finished as Jane toasted her dad for his birthday.

We know there's something at the finish line (aka the end of the rainbow), be that guinness, champagne, we're not picky, so long as it's cold and fresh, and there's a chair involved!

If you've not yet donated, a reminder it's the end of financial year this Sunday, and donations are tax deductible, if you're wanting to claim it back in your tax return. Go for it we say! We still are :)


The photo that seeded the thought...

5 weeks to go! Thank you for the overnight donations from 2 lovely people... a nice surprise to see pop up in notifications this morning.

As a team we're feeling good! Equipment sorted. All agree we need the hiker's wool and shopping bags over feet for Stumer's Creek.

This week we have a final training at 15 km, then from next week it creeps up to 20 km. We love that Jane knows what she's doing with training, not forcing too much too soon. On behalf of us and all involved body parts, thank you Trainer Jane. 

Head Challenge not just a physical challenge

On Sunday past, Jane coordinated car drops every 5 km down to the start line. Chicks with Kicks walked, all 4 of us for the first time, and new crewy, Joy (photographer), from the Start Line at Mudjimba up to Peregian Beach.

It was about the 'head-challenge' as much as the physical one. Good to get to the shops at Peregian, knowing it was possible! Everyone swapped around while we walked, don't know how many 'girl-words' were used up but we did us proud!

I accidentally gave us a few more kilometres to get off the sand at Coolum Beach, up around Stumers Creek, to take pressure off a sore foot, before back to the beach at Peregian roundabout. The beach view, breeze, shells, pebbles, puppies made the walk go fast.

Stats from the morning: Walked: 24,000 steps, 17.6 km, climbed equiv. 13 floors, took 3 hrs 50 mins. A few blisters, we know where to tape our feet up next week.

Great work team! So nice to feel everyone watching out for each other. Looking forward to doing the whole walk in 6 weeks' time :) 

The sorts of photos our Team are now sharing at the close of 8 weeks out from the Trek

The reality of the walk is starting to kick in as we watched the VIC Trek videos from last weekend. Sharen and Jane ramped up their training program to do an impromptu 20 km trek on Wednesday. Started as Noosa Yacht & Rowing Club to Hells Gate & return. But, because they could, they kept going to A Bay, Sunshine Beach then back to The Junction, up the hill to Nairana Rest, down the stairs to Hastings Street, The Woods (to check out the finish line - positive visualisation πŸ‘ŸπŸ†) and finally back to the Yacht Club. The other photos shared that day were them both in fluffy slippers that night. We're all doing our thing, walking, walking, more than talking now. We're $132 short of the team $2000 target. If not you, we'd love you to share this post to your networks. $132 is a shoe in. Win/win all round. Give sight to those who need it and that warm feeling of having given to others, plus it's a tax deductible donation.

First walk from the superseded Start Line!

Great first training session, got rain, sunshine & coffee. Although Jane piked out on the maccas pancakes. πŸ˜ Also found out that the future Start Line is a little further south than we'd thought, at Mudjimba Surf Club not Marcoola. We'd have been at the pub disqualified for cheating by 10 am! 


10 Weeks Out from crossing the Start Line

We're moving into Week 10 of training.

Jane has us testing out a 10 km trek this coming Sunday. Every day of each week Jane has mapped out a plan of training, either walking a set distance, or doing alternate exercise (HIIT, bike riding, stairs, swimming etc) or a rest day. This Sunday we're going to find where our 'future' Start Line is at Marcoola, and get a feel for the sand trek and if there's paths involved.

Week 11 was about trialling gear (new shoes/best cushioned socks that stay up) and adventuring along new paths (out to Cooroibah/down to Coolum Beach/into Amamoor State Forest). A massive Shout Out of thanks to family who got into the spirit of support in Week 11 and made some lovely donations last week.

We are one quarter of the way to our $2000 target! Loving that people are saying they'll donate. Thank you. When you do, please post a comment. Spread the news :) Any support is greatly appreciated.

Thank you. 

Sharen Hynd is our 4th team member preparing to cross the Start line in July!

Sharen Hynd is taking the place of one of our original team members. Welcome Sharen to Chicks with Kicks. Thank you for stepping up at this late stage to the 30 km challenge. We look forward to training and trekking with you.

Late scratchings and a new trekker, Jan Bramley

The team has had a couple of late scratchings due to health reasons. Joan and Tracey will unfortunately not be slipping into their best kicks on the 26th of July.  Both of these fabulous ladies, who put their hands up so readily to trek and raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation's work, will remain 2 of our team support crew. To cheer us on, have champagne on ice at the finish line, arrange massages, maybe retain responsibility for coastal-tide watch (or we'll find out if they don't, when our shoes get soggy!).

Half a team down... do we throw in the towel? Hell no!!

The ever courageous Jan Bramley is a 100% definite yes to replace Tracey and we're 99.9% sure that we have secured a trekker to take Joan's place. To be announced later.

Welcome Jan, we look forward to singing out loud whilst we skip along the beach for 30 km with you (please bring red frogs!)

Thank you at the 12-week mark

Hi supporters, 

I sent out the request for sponsorship across social media late last week - thank you for everything who is saying yes to sponsoring us, or have done so already. We're very grateful for the support.

Sharing our Huge Friday Shout Out at the 12-weeks mark to all sponsors who donated last week. Loving the comments - keep them coming! Help Nursing Agency in Sydney on Friday, a $100 donation. Nurses supporting the work of Fred Hollows! Go girls, we love your work!

Thanks all,

Chicks with Kicks


Getting our Kicks on, not on Route 66, but on Marcoola Beach to Noosa Woods this July!

Jane, Joan, Tracey and I are rousing our motivation to get out and train. We've just over 3 months until the 2019 Coastrek walk. Jane is chief in charge of training. Joan will remind me what we decided she's in charge of, Tracey is on coastal-tide watch and I'm making sure everyone is doing something :) and motivation of course. 

Chuck Berry's Route 66 for a little bit of inspiration to get training underway.


Thank you to our Sponsors


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