Colleen Harris

Melbourne Coastrek 2021 - 30km


Do you chuck a few dollars to the tin shakers? To the guy on the footpath? 
Do you buy a poppy or pin? 
Have you sponsored a child or called up a telethon? 

Donated time is precious, as important as the clean out of the closet clothes? Or the unused housey gear you send to the salvos? Why do I feel so torn when donating a book I've read...will the adventure disappear?? 

Asking for money is hard, harder than I thought, and I'd be happier if we didn't need to! But if some of these dollars end up helping someone out there, then holding my hand out, is the least I can do xx 

Thanks to all those that put their hands in the pocket, YOU helped! 


Exercise and I have never really been friends! I've joined gyms, paid and not gone enough. Tried dance classes, PT, swimming, mixed netball and many others....but I've never stuck to any of it. 
My body in my 20's was perfect and I never thought it, I travelled the world in it and I didn't appreciate it. My 30's I enjoyed it, used it for fun, abused it with alcohol and whatever I felt like eating. In my 40's it has been completely changed by babies and I barely recognise this size of clothes! 
Today while walking 6km, no music or podcast, just the birds, cars and my thoughts, I felt slow, slow and alone- just me and this extra large shell.
The shell I need, I love, I am going to invest in, one step at a time xx 

Why now? Why this?

When we talk about 'mental health' we mean the 'good, happy health', the state of well-being where we can cope with daily life, we are productive and we can contribute back in our community etc. Mental health is about being emotionally, socially and cognitively healthy, it's the way we feel and think. Kind of like 'gut health' or 'hair health', I see it a bit like an ocean, HEALTHY it is the mild, middle, calm, baseline that we can use to compare those huge high waves, and those crashing currents of the deep parts. 

Beyond Blue, Lifeline and RU Ok are all services that I have used in the past. I checked in on Beyond Blue when I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I had realised things were not right when I was 5months pregnant, nauseous, hormonal, gestational diabetic and I was sick of having this dark cloud that felt physically attached to my shoulders. It followed me around all the time, and the usual fun/enjoyable/happy things I'd done in the past weren't improving my thoughts or moods. After talking to my loved ones we went to my GP for a mental health plan. It was so hard to say I needed help, because I really didn't think I was sick and actually thought it would all pass. Talking to a psychologist was so valuable and it helped me personally through that time. 

In Australia, 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their life. 
So, if I can raise a little, whether that be awareness or some cash, it will have been worth the blisters and chaffing!!! 


What am I doing? Is this really the way I'll get off the couch? Do I understand what I've signed up far is 30kms for a person that is so unfit!?! 
Well, it's done now, time to plan, prepare, and make THIS the best decision EVER! 

Thanks for coming to check out my crazy idea, thanks for taking a minute to see what I'm up to. Check in on me from time to time, please! Give me that pep talk and motivation, and chuck in a couple of bucks for a great cause xx 

I'm taking on Melbourne Coastrek!


Look what I've gone and done, a walk, a commitment for a great cause. 

I know that feeling of 'something not being okay, and a heavy darkness over me'. 

Maybe you too were pregnant and those hormones weren't making you feel like you or maybe you had a newborn and you knew there was a lingering mood that wasnt just the baby blues. 

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity, be it even $5. 

Coll xx 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Thayer Eiby

Go you good thing... love you!!!


Jacqui Rodden

Congratulations Col, great work! :) xo Jac and Alex


Ali Whiting

Go Grrrrl x





Proud of you! Xxx





Fantastic effort Colleen!


Tanya Harris

Go Colleen well done x


Glenda And Jeff

You go girl!