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"Walk 30km?  Why?  No!  I can't do that, nor do I WANT to!", was my response when my sister Larissa messaged me to ask if I wanted to take part in a 30km fundraising walk for Beyond Blue.  I've never enjoyed hiking and the thought of having to train to a schedule seemed ridiculous, but moreso for me, intimidating. I'm no athlete.

In my mind there was no way I could physically do it.  I'm so afraid of failure that why would I even contemplate doing something that I've never done before?

I can't pinpoint what it was that made me say "I'll think about it", but I guess it was that I realised that I'd never actually been asked by someone to do something like this.  So I thought I'd find out some more about this Beyond Blue that I've heard about over the last few years since mental health has gained more focus in the media, at work and just life in general.

I detail it further on, but in short Beyond Blue is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers help to people to deal with depression, anxiety and all that goes with it.

I've been fortunate so far in my life to not have directly suffered from mental health issues but for many years I watched a loved one suffer from the impact of supporting a spouse who was dealing with such things.  We all know someone - a family member, a friend, a colleague who has struggled.  It's not their choice to feel the pain and sense of helplessness that goes with it.  It's not their choice that their lives seem to be a constant mental and emotional struggle.

But I have a choice.  And I choose to do something to contribute to a cause that will raise money to help those suffering to get help.  Now, more than ever with the bushfire tragedy in Australia, this service will be stretched.  Beyond Blue's aid will be there to help people deal with the ongoing effects long after their houses and business are re-built. 

So I'm walking this damn 30km.  I'll push myself and am prepared to push through the physical pain (let's face it - for me, it's going to hurt) for the three months of training, and then that one day on March 27, of what I believe will make or break me.   This is a mental and physical challenge during which I will be motivated to push through the pain knowing that this is a way of helping many others.

I'm doing this trek with the three other team members - my sisters, Larissa and Lucy-Ann, and a friend from school, Belinda.  We are the Flaming Flamingoes.  To be eligible to participate each team must raise $2000.  My goal is $1000 and I humbly ask for your support to achieve this goal by donating whatever you can afford.

You can donate online using the link below or hand me cash which I will submit on your behalf and provide you with a receipt.


Thanks for your support.



What is Beyond Blue?

Beyond Blue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in Australia.

They work to give everyone in Australia the confidence to speak openly about anxiety, depression and suicide – both to seek support when they need it and to check-in with those close to them – and they tackle prejudice and discrimination wherever it exists. 

Donations help keep the Beyond Blue Support Service running 24/7, staffed by mental health professionals, so everyone in Australia can talk things through with them. Your support means Beyond Blue can continue to answer every phone call, webchat and email.


Week 5

5 weeks into training.  Endurance trek target this week was 12km.  I did 12.83km.  laughing  



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James Murdoch


Fiona Stiff


Dane Mckeown

Go Lib!!! AMAZING work and... think about the EPIC spritz at the end!! X


Nerissa Reid

Next time, I’ll walk it with you! Such a worthy cause. Love and light


Darren Piddington

Good Luck Libby !


Donna Phillips


Kym & Mick Power

Proud of you Libster. Good luck - you can do it. Go Flaming Flamingos xo


Tony Schreiber

Good on you Libby !!


Daryl Mann

Great work Libby on setting the goal and seeing this through Great Cause...............


Glenn Ballard

Great stuff Lib!


Aroha Lawrance

All the best Libby, I know you will get there and for such a good cause. Take plenty of water!


Alexandra Humphrey

Wonderful Lib


Stephen Day

Go Flamingo's


David Mann

Libby you are a rockstar! Congratulations for having a crack and I am sure you will kill it like everything else you set your mind to.


Rosie James

good luck Libby - enjoy


April Williams


Steph Mcgrath

Go Mummsy!


Jay Waddington

Happy Walking👍



Go Libby!


Janise Brodie

Good luck Libby!


Sandra Warren

Brilliantr cause! you can do it :)


Ashni Deo

Hi Libby, All the best. Love your determination!


Jade Mitchell


Jonathan Hooker

Good luck Libby!!!! Well done for taking this on and supporting such a great cause.


Adrian B


Diane Walsh

You got this Libby! A great challenge for a great cause.


Mitch Farley

Get the dog Libby!!


Frankie Jones

Love you lib such a good cause


Donna Mcphelim

Good luck Libby - great cause.


Elizabeth Lawrance