Melbourne Coastrek 30km

We're taking on Melbourne Coastrek!

We are taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor our trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

Team Updates

on track

All done & dusted!

Well.. what can i say? we did it!

great weather, beautiful views, no injuries - it coudn't have gone any better

Thank you to all of our sponsors we're very grateful for your support and encouragement.

Congratulations to the Fred Hollows Team for running such a great event and for all they do to help eradicate preventable blindness


Packed & Ready to go!!

Well here we are at the final hurdle! Heading off this afternoon to the Peninsula to kick back tonight & carb load

See you all on the other side (blisters and all)  



Winner Winner!!

A few weeks back  we were thinking of ways to raise some more money for the Fred Hollows Foundation, we threw around a couple of ideas & settled on a good ol' fashioned raffle and with Easter around the corner we decided what's better than a box full of chocolate?!

Never did we imagine the excitement (and dare I say competitiveness)  a humble Easter hamper would create!  - it was so entertaining to watch the ticket sales go through the roof as the staff went head to head trying to outdo each other with the number of tickets purchased. Each person more determined than the next to be the one taking home the swag of chocolate eggs. So many chocoholics, so few tickets.

During this last week of term it has been the talk of the campus, who will win? what will they do with it all? will they share? who was the most deserving?

Well today was the day, the air thick with expectation and anticipation, all the staff headed to the staff centre  for the annual Easter morning tea, a few staff farewells,  some introductions to new staff .. then the moment we'd all been waiting for.

3rd Prize - Vanessa
2nd Prize - Eirwen
the ultimate 1st Prize - Kate! - OMG KATE!!!!

The joy! Kate actually manifested the win, thats how determined she was that it would be hers! hahahaha! so very happy for her :)

It has been so delightful to share this bit of fun with the LGS staff and to top it all off we raised a whopping $545 to further our cause.

We're now over the $3000 mark,  I know I speak on behalf of Alison, Amelia & Anna Maree when I say thank you all so much for the support & encouragment, we're so pleased to do our little bit for such a worthy cause.



Dendy St beach boxes

on the way back


we needed the proof

Catani Gardens - Ave of trees

sorry Ali .. chopped out again

at least you're not just a forehead this time

you're welcome!

Looking out over Elwood beach

On top of the hill at Elwood

Dendy St beach boxes

Update - Training

Comparativley speaking, the most recent training sessions have been much more serious than our first. That's not to say the level of humour was diminished, on the contrary, the level of sharp exchanges and banter was maintained and true to form certain team members did arrive a little worse for wear, not so much so that a Maccas visit was necessary though (small steps!)

Both sessions were early starts and one was 20km from South Melbourne to Brighton and back with the Grand Prix in between.

We may or may not have spotted a couple of celebs .. we're still debating whether or not they'd be defined as celebs..

Thank you all for helping us to exceed the fund raising goal, we feel so grateful to be able to raise money for such a worthy cause and to be spending time having a laugh while we do it is an added bonus for us!

First Training walk - Friday 15 February

Last Friday we had out on our first training walk, 10km. .. or thereabouts..

Alison mapped the course, we stayed local & headed off after work.

One of the team arrived a little worse for wear after a big Valentines Day evening, the night before, so there was a required pitstop at maccas (quite conveniently loacted on the route)  to help alleviate the after effects. No judgement.

Once adequately replenished and the required team shot taken, on the corner of Joy St (we felt it accurately reflected our feelings) we headed off to continue the training session.

Mostly downhill to start off meant an uphill walk back. Needless to say we lived up to our team name of Fine Whines.

Plenty of laughs were had along the way.. moments of hysterical laughter actually, which made it easy to continue.  Given it was our first walk as a foursome we did pretty well - our pace was pretty fast & steady & we managed to stay together the whole way.



Thank you to our Sponsors


Lauriston Staff


The Currie Family

Go Amelia!


Cathy Tan

Best wishes for the training sessions and for the trek. Happy to support such a great cause.


Ben Hosken

Go Tess!!!!




Tess Lucas




Belinda Dalton

Best of luck for your walk. Keep smiling:) xx


Anna-maree Beech




Deb Scally


Tony And Juanita Scardetta




Jez Kemp

Go Girl...


The Clark Family

Incredible effort Al + pals ❤


Janice West

Best of luck Amelia ! We’ll be looking for photo evidence that you make it in one piece ! Lots of love , Janice x


Niki Grenfell


Marina Johnson

Go girls!


Marylin Potter

Hi Amelia - very happy to sponsor you and wish you and your team good luck! Love Min xx


Lisl Bladin

All the very best in your trek for a very good cause. Regards, Lisl Bladin


James Beech



Sarah Scotti

Good luck!!


Karin Harris

Go team for a great cause! If laughter is the best medicine, hysterical laughter must be the ultimate! Happy training.


Lindy Grahn

Great effort Tess


Olivia Wearing

Woo go team!


Clare Iacono

Great cause! Thank you


Angela Mare

Great cause. Good luck.



Great work lady!


Rachael Collier


Meaghan Noble

Well done team!!


Stephanie Murphy


John Beech


Kristie And Pete Lockyer

Looking forward to hearing all about it! Good luck xx


Tim Zwar


Conrad And Anne Beech

go girl walk well


Belinda Geddes

Go Fine Whines! You've got this with Tess on the team! Have a ball! xx


Jane Wearing


Zoe Campbell

Good luck! x


Cyndi Sauvage



Go Mum, I know you will do a great job!



Go Mummy!


Tricia Wilson

The A Team hot to trot.....



Good luck!


Chris Zielinski

Go Tess and co!


Emma Mckillop

You go girl! You’ll smash it! Big hugs always. ❤️


Emma Gledhill

Keep laughing!




Laura Sicklemore

Go Tess!!!


Nerissa Foley

Go Baby Go!


Jeffrey Goonan


Liz Sannen

Well done ladies Don't lose any toenails! Liz


Owen Flattery

Go Team!


Elspeth Maddocks



Great effort Tess all for a wonderful cause.


Nick Thornton

Not being a runner or even a walker you have my undying admiration- GO LGS Team!


Micallef Family

Good Luck Alison xx


Barbara Worcester

Great cause and wonderful commitment - hope it wasn’t too cold. Keep on trekking!


Ann Ransom


James Garkel

You reached your goal!


Snoop Dog


Christina Kambelos

Woo Good Luck!


Fiona Curnow

Go team!! xx


Sherri Sibly

Enjoy this time together raising funds for a wonderful cause!