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Melbourne Coastrek 30km

I’m taking on Coastrek!

I'm taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor my trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

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It's time! I'm late! Can I even do it? Yikes!

It's the last few days before this slightly big undertaking. I certainly haven't prepared in the way I imagined I might. Not that that seems unusual for me. However, I've been sick lately. Sure, others are doing 60 km. Sure people do mega things. But me...I've got dodgy knees, and malformed feet; have been quite sick with a cold AND a wee bout of gastro; and am feeling bereft about the passing a of a lovely acquaintance- A powerhouse of a woman, that I feel lucky to have known, even a bit.  

And so it is with these mixtures of recovery, and sadness, and inspiration to use my body while I can, that I will go on this walk. Can anyone spare a fiver or a tenner to sponsor me and my team mates to raise some funds for the Fred Hollows foundation, please? It's one of the good ones, and while I don't usually attempt these sort of things, I'm excited to give it a bash, albeit without proper training (and only using my old netball runners). Wish me luck! And take care. xo

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kyle O'farrell

Have a great time on the walk Fi...because the day after you are going to be feeling it!


Sam Starr

I’ve donated a tenner. I want to see those amazing powerful legs do this challenge! Go Fi!! By the way, I love you honey! Come to deep Reservoir sometime. You can find your way by following the illegal fireworks 😉x x x





Well done cuz


Curly Wurm

Put those netty runners to good use babe. X


Jez Pez

Go get em!


Brigid Courtney

Good on you Fi, this is great! Fred Hollows is a charity I'm also very happy to support. Hope you enjoy the challenge! xx


Julia Anderson

Good luck :) Go Fiona!


Kate Reid




I'll buy you cheap white wine if you survive.




Herbz Rah

On ya Fii!! Go the Swagga sistas!!


Bonnie Renou

Good luck Fi!!


Nicola Fox

Go Fiona!! xxx


Sam Daly

Good Luck!


Bronte Sommerfeld


Razz Berry Mussen

You’ve done so amazingly well! Had to bump you over the line! 💜🌈💎



(F)earless, (I)ndependant, (O)rganised, (N)octurnal, (A)ccessible - You go Fiona


Casey Sh

Onya Fi! Hope it's a walk in the park x



Go Harnsey!!


Yeah Yeah!

Good luck. It'll be pretty speccy.



Amazing effort lovely!!!!


Nat Grant


Nici Lindsay

Plod on love.




Sarah Lucy



David Adnams

Champion effort Fiona Big love to you and all of your team 💗 Emma and Dave


Lizzy Keen

Amazing! What a hike! Slow and steady wins the race (and a large stash of blister pads and dry socks!) xx


Kate Souter

Go get 'em Fnaar, so ambitious but not, I like your style!







Hey Fee - go you. Enjoy the pain and the joy :)



Good one Fi