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Melbourne Coastrek 2021 - 30km

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My target 30kms

Can’t wait!!!

Thanks so much to my co-walkers, a lovely team of people. We all agree about the importance of mental wellness and walking together has been great for the mind and soul. We hope to keep this up after Coastrek on Friday! Thanks again to everyone who’s donated and please get yourselves out there, we really live in a beautiful country. xo Ying

Are we there yet?

Have been fitting in as many walks a possible, here's a beaut photo of Timmy joining me on a morning walk in the woods near Beechworth.

Gotta get going!

Just thinking about how long I have until the 30 km walk --- suddenly it's February - so in 3 months we're doing it!

It's been a slow wind up to get fit again, I admit I haven't looked at the fitness program, I'm just making it really easy to get going again.

The walking shoes are kept at the end of my bed, and lucky for the dog, he now gets an early morning walk around the block most days.

I walk with another Coasttreker from work occasionally, and have a mums walking group on weekends...

What i'm missing is the gym. To gym or not to gym is the question. I even tried to enlist my daughter as my personal trainer - starting with doing sit ups together every day to improve my abdominal muscles. I think we lasted a week! So I fired her and as a 10 year old going on teenager, she really didn't have an issue with that. (eye roll at me)

So this is the thing - central core strength. 

It is the bain of my existence.
I build it up, then I get slack - and boom! Gone.
Central core strength.

Whatever, I'll get there.

The Important Thing today is...

Happy New Year, 2021 the year of the Ox!

We will all as strong as oxes in everything we've been through.

(and a little sleep-deprived and tangential too).

Ying out.


Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so...

I think this sums up 2020 for me. I have read so many opinions on how 2020 have impacted people personally, and there was such a great variety of responses.

I think roller coaster sums it up for me. Still up and down all the time and worried about another outbreak and lockdown... 

When I feel down I go through my photos, and it's such a great reminder of everything that's great in my world. I have lots of family photos of us pulling stupid faces, videos of kids promising to do things 'tomorrow', the day we drove home with our puppy in late 2019, lots of sunset shots by the beach and I think of how full my life really is.

So I'd just like to share that on the last day of 2020, end with a positive.

Toe socks

I'm feeling like a bit of a sucker when it comes to equipment for this walk - the more I learn about what's out there, the more I'm convincing myself it will all add up to getting to the end without having to take the next week off work.

Apparently the fancy undies, socks, tops etc. are made with materials that 'wick' the moisture away from your skin. I'm not sure where it is 'wicking' it to. 

I have a backpack with a 2.5 litre bladder for water, single packs of gels with glucose and caffeine, bandaids for blisters, hiking poles (to stop your hands swelling up), engineered underwear, light-weight hiking shoes, and my final new purchase- toe socks! (I almost bought this body glide stuff for chafing but I'm wearing leggings so theoretically no chaffing right?!).

I've completed longer hikes with less fancy stuff before. But my last long hike was about 10 years ago.

im sure the toe socks will make all the difference! 

x Ying



Favourite photo from 2019

Great photo from 2019; was a really fun night with friends when we saw this message outside a pub in Brunswick.

A great motto for getting out to the gym, there's no thinking or decisions made, gym clothes and shoes are laid out at the end of the bed, and I've been throwing everything on and out the door the minute I wake up. 

It's dark and very early, but the gym's not deserted, and I keep bumping into other people from the local school community. Already feeling fitter so going to keep at it! Seems to be the easiest way to fit things in when working fulltime.

Other team members have been starting their walks, and running regularly. I haven't started any long walks yet but have one planned for the end of the month. 

Getting started...

My Coastrek story started with an invite, when a friend at work talked about doing a walk to raise money for mental health, so I thought I'd give it a go. Then she texted me the following week as she'd asked around and already filled up two teams! I thought wow, this is going to be big, because I'd asked around and had filled another team too!

Firstly our team organised a dinner together to talk about Coastrek

and came up with the name "From Monty with Love".

(Also I'm very lucky they are sensible and talked me down from 60km to 30km which is so much more do-able from a not-particularly-fit-person perspective).

(we also clarified that it is a walk, and no running involved - surely we can make it in 10 hours without running?)


Some names we did not use:

The 2020 20-somethings (well I guess we're not really 20 anymore)

Lots of references to being wild (walk on the wild side etc..) but these were already taken.

Everything I googled about team walking names were already taken ;)


From Monty with Love just seemed to work. I have some grand plans to design a logo, and print t-shirts... I think time will be a big factor in all this though.

I've just put the training schedule from the 12-week mark on the calendar, and I'm going to be squeezing it around working full-time; so have already started the first strategy at home - delegate as much as possible!

So before I get too much further into this, I'm going say a massive thanks to my family who will have to put up with me and my notions of what I can manage in a 24-hour period. They are the best!

I've tentatively put out a couple of sponsorship calls over the email and facebook and have had sponsors (thank you heaps for getting the ball rolling!!). I'm really stoked as I have a bad history with things like selling raffle tickets which I usually end up quietly buying myself (surely other people do this?).

I've also uploaded a photo of my personal trainer. His name's Timmy.

Will try and keep up the posts!


From Monty with Love,


Hi, I'm Ying and I’m taking on Melbourne Coastrek

In May 2021, I'll be taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

I'll be walking with my team-mates Kat, Kara and Peter, under our team name: "From Monty With Love". We all have a connection to Montmorency, a leafy suburb in Melbourne; we all want to get fit (yeah!) and we all want to get behind supporting resources for mental health.

We'll be posting regular updates, and would love for you to follow us on our journey.

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Melissa La Greca

Go Ying


Robert Stephenson

It’s all about the socks


Karen Santos

Enjoy the walk Ying


Sek Ying Stephenson


Clint Brearley

Great work Ying, enjoy the walk!


Danielle Stephenson

What a great cause, go team!!!


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All the best!



Way to go Ying! What a fantastic thing to do. Good luck with your walk love P xo