Jane Pellew

Adelaide Coastrek 30km

I’m taking on Adelaide Coastrek!

On Friday 20 September, I'll be taking part in Adelaide Coastrek, we will walk 30km from Victor Harbor to Goolwa. We would love your support as we raise funds Beyond Blue, a fantastic organisation that supports  people with anxiety and depression. 

This year more than 215,000 people will contact Beyond Blues 24/7 Support Service for advice.One phone call to a counsellor costs about  $48. There are 3 million people in Australia experiencing anxiety and depression and suicide rates are at a staggering ten year high. 

On a personal level we all have got friends or family who have experienced or are experiencing these issues. Some have accessed support services like Beyond Blue others have received clinical support and many more are still uncertain whether they can reach out for help due to stigma,shame or feeling misunderstood. It is for all theses people we will walk and talk.

A mental health condition does not define who a person is, and with the right support and management there is always hope and a positive life.

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

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Khanh Mai

Go Jane!!


Rachel Bialous





All the best Jane! Love The McConnels



What a great cause! Well done!


Alyson L

Great cause! Hope you have fun x


Pat And John Pellew

Happy Walking, Pat and John Pellew. Xx


Debbie De Palma

Hi Janey Many apologies, I lost track of the date. I hope it went well xx


Asha Starr

Well done Janey! Xx


Peter Tomljenovic



Good luck Jane! Great cause.