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I’m taking on Adelaide Coastrek! - A WALK (no swim, no bike, no run)

I don’t generally make it known, but recently mental health has been a thing for me. And its sucked. It sucked a lot.

It’s pretty hard to pick up the phone and call your friends, and say “my mind hurts”. I am lucky, I have people to call. I know (at least now) they’d have picked up the phone and helped me out.

Through the distortion of it all, sometimes you can’t see those that would lend a hand.

When things were bad, I called Beyond Blue. It helped a bit. Thing is “a bit” means a lot when your mental health is up the proverbial, for me it helped me move forward and getting help. But for others it could mean the difference between life and death.

To raise money for Beyond Blue I am going to WALK (no swim, no bike, no run) 30kms, and I’ll be with doing it with three of the greatest: Georgie SilzFrancisca Eloise,and Ioana Oliphant.

Please donate. You just don’t know who it might help.

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Lori C

Keep at it JB!


Helen Wiseman


Zoe Garnaut


Ben Seal


Jane Powell



Melissa & Bradley Axon

We absolutely love what you are doing for a great cause xoxo


Kath Johnson



Rachel Johnson

Keep punching JB! :)


Amanda And James Barton

Happy Walking xx


Katrina Sloss

Johanna, I have been there.. the black dog knocks at my door on occasions and it’s so hard to explain & even harder to emerge unscathed. Thank you for being pro active. Beyond blue is an amazing organisation. X


Madeleine Miller

What a wonderful organisation to support. You have got this Han! Big hugs and high fives!


Catherine Austin

Well done Han, you bloody legend xx


Meg Holland

Love you!!


Marianne Hong

Courage and strength lady. Call me, text me, see me. Love you lots.


Rebecca Collins & Ross Young

You got this Hanna — and we’re here for you.❤️