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Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 60km

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My target 60kms

I’m taking on Sydney Coastrek!

I am taking part in Sydney Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue. 

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

My Updates

Walking as a team

Wednesday 14th Oct
60 Ks, I did it, but you know what I completed it only because of the most amazing women in my team and all the the other friends and family who support you through it all, yes on your own is possible but you learn so much from a lot of others and also to help your team in some small way , to push through with what you struggle to do and that each time you do one more training you get stronger and each meeting we have had you get excited about the journey that we are a part off, I will cherish the memories and be proud of supporting the beyond blue for mental health .  

walk for the mind

Tuesday 25th Feb

A training trek on part of the Coast Trek Monavale to Curl Curl, got to say our eastern coast line is simply beautiful and amazing ,walking on the beach's is interesting as they are all different either hard or soft sand, to walk on the soft sand testing you on your leg strength and the mind on how it thinks ,easy to let your self think of how hard it is ,so had to focus on my body to stand straight and realize that on the beach walk you are able to look up and take in the view and not watch each step like in the bush . Walking each time you do learn a little of your self and how the body recovers next day and your fitness gets stronger little by little.

Mates long time

Thursday 13th Feb

Forever mates for the longest time since we were 5yrs old, we share so much in our life ,especially as both being mums and have had times of caring or knowing of the people in our lives who have been thru hard times of mental health , we are there for each other in all the years we have known each other.Walking 18ks this day for training means spending that time for just us ,a great day .

Night breeze and beach

Thursday 13th Feb

An afternoon beach training with a beautiful summer breeze that in an instant the feeling of calm, grateful for friends and our beautiful beaches .smile 

Trekking life @ Mount Kosciuszko

Wednesday 15th Jan

A great end for 2019 with friends and a mountian is a must for anyone in our very own back yard of Australia, this trail so amazing , the Charlotte pass to the Mount Kosciuszko summit trail, breathtaking views with snow still around the high peaks, floral flowers and the scenery to be thankful for, walking along the path with friends is great but to also to walk and to breath and take in what is around you and to be thankfull of such beauty, and great friends that wait for all of us to keep together as a group and to reach the summit and reflect on what awsome day we are having . 

5 Lands walk Central Coast

Tuesday 26th Nov

Early start s , great team and a support member, this is a great TREK on the Central Coast called 5 lands walk , such amazing coast line and with beautiful views , it is so good for your inner health of mind body and spirit , so rewarding every time we venture out , bring on the next training walk girls who are organizing as I write this , they are an amazing organizers . Keep onstepping out . 

Training with smiles & bush love

Tuesday 29th Oct

Training no 2 , we are blessed to have a great group of gals to train with from the Central Coast Champagne Harrietts , training for this creates special bonds with each other , and nature training adds to the calming atmospheres to talk and appreciate what we have in life . Great day girls xx

Smile for reasons

Friday 18th Oct

Champagne Harriettes Steppin'Out

My first training walk for the 60k trek , what's not to love about training with fellow team trekers, we smile because we are together, still missing one more to join us when she gets back from OS , together ,fresh air, beach ,bush, and  mainly to talk as women do very well .

It's a challenge and a journey and we will be smiling when we finish the 60k'slaughing

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jeanette Dixon

This is close to our hearts. Go Judy!! You champ wish you good health on the walk Hope this money helps 💕



We are so proud of you xxx big hugs 🤗


Sam Hamilton

Go jude! Enjoy the journey fr such an amazing cause Love u🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌹


Carol Laurent

So proud of you Judy - job well done!!


Col & Jel

Champions!! Always managing to inspire us Jude. Love the mountains crew x


Amy & Mike Wallace

You go girls. You're an inspiration!


Tony Travaskis

Thanks Taz for the donation


Mary English

Go Jude, you’ll kill it!! Such an important cause.


Lucy English

All the best so proud your doing this Good luck Judy love Nana Lucy



Good luck girls


Kath Unsworth

So proud of you Judy and cheering you on


Nora English

One step at a time Jude!


Vanessa Anderson

Good on you 😊.


Judy English


Dfn & Mg

Doug for now and Material girl thank you for donation Judy


Judy English

we can do this :0)


Dianna Dore

Thanks big Sister Dianna for your donation