Melbourne Coastrek 2021 - 30km

Why I’m taking on Melbourne Coastrek

On Friday 30 October, I'll be taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression? 

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

Here is a little about my why....

Anxiety and Depression are travel companions I have reluctantly journeyed with for most of my life.  Following the death of my father 2 years ago, and then just before the birth of my second child, I was gifted a repeat diagnosis of PND.  Fortunate to notice a swift mental improvement with pharmaceuticals, I yearned to make significant changes to my every-day behaviour and adopt practices to help me regain the control I missed, and where possible support a change in my chemistry to eventually not require reliance on meds.

Tools, techniques and practices to nourish my spirit and support mental and physical health, reduce living in "extremes" and promote inner happiness has to start from within. Plus needing some motivation to lose 20kg of baby fat, Coastrek seemed a positive initiative that would benefit so many in need of support.  

I'm doing this for our community - children and adults, who seem susceptible to regular anxiety and sadness, robbing them of their youth.

I’m doing this for my family - because they deserve to see me and not just my demons, and learn the best way to be, how to cope and overcome regular and valid obstacles the right way.  More importantly to have a wife, mother, daughter who is present and positive.

I’m doing this for me - so I can feel free.