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Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 15km

We're taking on Sydney Coastrek!

We are taking part in Sydney Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue. 

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

Team Updates

DONE!! What a day it was!

... And our walk for this year is done and dusted!! 

The weather was not perfect, but the company (physical and online) certainly was!
Wet and tired, but definitely happy!

THANK YOU to all our very generous donors --- rest assured your donation will certainly help in the ongoing actions that Beyond Blue does for mental health!

Til the next time!

X Ange, Pegs, Thao & Nat

The best way to walk a long distance is to get lost

The best way to walk a long distance is to get lost -- lost in the view ... and literally get lost!

We did our practice walk in Bicentennial park last Monday, aiming to do 8-10 kms and ending up going 12 kms -- because we did not know where to go. XD (So, this will be fun on the day ...)

It was still worth it, with a great view, perfect weather and even better stories to tell.

The 15 kms will be a cinch!


We are back on ... and we can't wait to do this!

The walk is pushing through!

This year, Coastrek is going virtual -- the walk will still be done together as a team and we all need to be there at the finish line. The event  will happen between Sept 4 to Sept 6 and  the teams get to choose their own walking route! Which is amazing!

We have decided to do the walk on the Friday, Sept 4 -- and  chose to do the The Bay Run track. We can't wait to take snaps of the beautiful water views and parks and share them with you all!

We have our bibs, and our towels all ready. We CAN'T wait to do this!

Thanks again to everyone who has donated  -- now, more than ever, people need support to cope with the mental stress that this challenging year has given us. So your help is really, really appreciated! 

Stay tuned, we will post more updates soon!

X Nat, Pegs, Thao & Ange

Training from home!

With all the things that are happening, the Coastrek group has rightly decided to postpone the walk.

We are still doing our training in our respective homes -- and have a great training plan (see photo). 

Keep dropping in for updates!



Ange, Nat, Pegs & Thao


Keep Going. It's only Monday, but it will be Friday soon!


Walking off the holiday treats

Before the holidays were over, we did a 7 km at the Sydney Olympic park to walk off the holiday feast we've been having. 

A great morning walk with lots of chit-chat about what we did during the break. Great for the body and the mind.


United indeed

Work can oftentimes be very stressful. So having a break every once in a while is good for everyone's mental well-being.

Last week we had such a break -- and what a great day it was! Defintely something we needed to have after weeks of busy days.

Remember to rest, recover and have fun!


Volunteering for a great cause!

Last Tuesday, Nat and Ange had the opportunity to lend a hand in setting up the venue for the Special Children's Christmas party ( at Rosehill Gardens.

It was a tiring day with lots of moving around, but it was also fun and was a great way to reach their daily step goal! 

Jump into it!

We are ready to jump into it!

We have all been touched by depression and anxiety. Friends and family, too many loved ones who at some point struggled to get through, but kept going. We do this for them, and the countless more who have been helped and will be helped by Beyond Blue.

Every little donation helps us reach our goal!


Nat, Ange, Thao & Pegs


Thank you to our Sponsors



Go Spicies! Walk till you drop. Which one's Posh????



Great job hunzie! Proud of you!


Lawrence Lu




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Have fun! 😆


Chloe & Tiffany

You can do this mummy!! We believe in you as you have always believed in us! We love you 👍😘


Melissa Wu

Go Peggy!


Stavros Michael

Go Girls!


Linh & Zarah

Good on you Chi Thao!!!!


Julie O’shannessy

Good on you Nat. What a great cause. Julie xx


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Simon Dodd

Good luck team!


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Good luck!


Jason L

Go Thao, they said they are making the course all flat for 2020!


Hue Le

Go Girls!!!


Natalie Morgan

Go Girls! Such a great cause.


Stephen Vasil

Good Luck


Kate Axt

Good on you Natalie and friends for now doing the virtual walk in September. Have fun !


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Good Luck!


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Go girls!!




Sarah Baillie

Good luck guys! You will do great!


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So proud of you Natalina x


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Awesome Nat! Great work supporting such an important cause x


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Good luck, my dear Thao!



Good luck! :)


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Well done and have a great walk...




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Good luck! A great cause.


Chris Hall

You GO girls!!!