Tiffany Vaughan

Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 60km

I’m taking on the 60km Coastrek walk from Palm Beach to Mosman!

On Friday 27 March 2020, I'll be taking part in Sydney Coastrek - a 60km wall along the coastline from Palm Beach to Mosman - the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue. 

Did you know that 45% of Australians will experience a form of depression and/or anxiety in their lifetime? 

1 million people will have depression.

2 million people will have anxiety.

There are 8 suicides per day.

The belief that depression is a sign of weakness is a harmful misconception. If you think about it, it doesn't make much logical sense. Depression doesn’t discriminate - it can affect all different kinds of people and is even likely to affect those who are considered to be ‘strong’, or who have no obvious reason to be depressed.

The connection that’s presumed between weakness and depression makes it difficult for people to get the help they need. That's why it's so important to break down the stigma and to reinforce the fact that depression and anxiety aren't the result of a lack of willpower. In fact, the opposite is true, as living with and recovering from depression takes phenomenal personal strength.

Every single donation will help to make a significant impact to mental health in Australia, so thank you VERY much for your generosity!! 🙏🏻

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Hank Lewin

Thank you for taking the hard road for others, Tiffany. You’re a rockstar & if you’re not, you should be.


Sue Bakir

So proud of you Tiff. You can do this. Xx Sue


Sam Alicajic


Graham And Carol Vaughan

A big challenge but go go go!


Elle Corroto

Go Tiff!! You got this!



It's a long way baby but you can do it! xo




Nat And The Gang Lewin

What a great cause for it! Go Tifffffffff!


Larraine Cilia

go girl love you tiff xxoo