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I’m taking on Coastrek!

I'm taking part in Brisbane Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor my trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

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Last week I attended an Oxfam talk at the university where I work. As I walked towards my bike to head home, I heard the buzz of hundreds of women and supportive men talking about the Coastrek event... fitness, 30km and 60km hike along the beautiful Noosa headlands to raise money for vision restoration. The orientation session was starting in 5 minutes.

I ducked into the auditorium and there was an electric buzz about an upcoming trek along the Noosa coastline, training, nutrition and of course the charity -- The Fred Hollows Foundation. This is a medical charity with a platinum reputation in Australia and more than 20 countries where the the Fred Hollows Foundation provides high quality, affordable eye surgeries.

For just $25, what we might spend on a casual meal, the Fred Hollows Foundation can restore a patient's sight with cataract surgery. For $100, twenty  intraocular lenses can be manufactured and used in sight restoring operations.

So I invite my friends, family and colleagues to join me in supporting a worthy charity with whatever you might spend on a meal out with friends. 

I'll be thinking of everyone who backed us when I'm on mile marker 20 and wondered what I was thinking when I signed up for this! And I know that you and I will feel really good when we go to bed knowing that we helped restore a mother's sight ~ and she can see the faces of her children or grandchildren, and other loved ones because we took the time to make a difference. 

Thank you! 




Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Dougall


Ann Uldridge

Hey Bernadette! Go Girl!


Rajni Gamage

All the best Bernadette!


Mary B Taylor


Kirsten & Hans Jensen

What a worthy cause, Bernadette. We will all be thinking of you during your trek.


Martin Hyland

Good luck on the Coastrek Bernadette! 30 k is a lot. I admire your life long commitment to do good. Giving sight is a worthy cause 😘


John & Glennis

Great work! A great cause


Jacinta O'hagan

Well done Bernadette. That's a motsa walk! Good luck with it! Cindy


Robin Deyo

Go get'em Bernadette!!!


Frank Mols


Tanya Smith

Good luck and hope you have a blast!



Such a nice cause.... one of my best experience has been to witness few too many kids seeing the world around them for the first time ever... #DrSandukRuit




Denise Hyland Dangremond

What a super effort for such a meaningful cause! I've always been proud of you dear sister and here's one more reason!!! Good luck with your walk. I'll be thinking of you from Rhode Island, USA.