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Adelaide Coastrek 30km

I’m taking on Adelaide Coastrek!

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?


I'm one of them!  Here's a little bit about my story...


It was so easy to know my worth before kids.

Before kids I had a job, heck I had a career! I climbed that ladder of success.

Before kids I hit the gym, I ran, I swam. I had fitness goals!

Before kids my wardrobe was less practical and more fabulous! I even wore heels!

Before kids I had the luxury of time, sleep, money. I was able to prioritise all those things that society considered markers of success. Society told me I was doing a great job! I knew my worth…..


Then came after kids.

And yes, I chose to put that career on hold; I prioritised time with my family over time at the gym; I chose more practical clothes that allowed me to chase my kids at the park and down the street and through the isles at the supermarket.  But what I didn’t realise, that I would find so challenging, was this…

As a Mum we are not rewarded for a job well done with a promotion or a pay rise.

We are no longer thanked by our bosses or clients or colleagues for the effort and hard work we put in everyday.

We are no longer admired for our fashion forward choices and perfectly impractical footwear (No one asks where they can find my sneakers, because no one particularly wants to buy them, myself included)

There are no medals for chasing your kids around all damn day long.

When there is no clear marker for success, no one to celebrate your wins on your behalf, no one to praise you for a job well done. It is so easy to forget your worth……

So here’s what I’ve had to learn…

Being a parent is the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. It is incredibly challenging, but equally rewarding. However, through it all, it is so important not to forgot YOUR worth.

Challenge the social hallmarks of success you previously lived by.

Celebrate your achievements, however small they may seem have previously seemed. (You’re all dressed today! Nailed it!)

Know that what you are doing everyday is building something that is bigger than yourself and that is something to be so incredibly proud of…..


So to all the mums, through all the changes, never forget how much you’re worth!

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Samantha Meyer

So proud of you xx


Sara Dowling


Lia And Jeremy Cho

Good luck!!


Emma Clover


Sarah-jane Edis

Aw that is very inspiring lovely. And a beautiful story - big virtual hug to you xx


Dylan Jones

Just wanted to get you above $1000. Great job!


Caroline Bartle

You're amazing!



You got this, girl! Do the win!


Jackie Slarks

Thank you so much for not pretending to be ok....we were able to share so much on the journey to motherhood from both being incredibly sick to both not "loving" the early days and you definitely helped me to know how I was feeling at the time, was ok. Now get walking! Love you X


Claire Trimingham

Great work!


Katie Isaac

You go girl!


Christine Duffield

good luck Carrie x Aunty Christine


Adrianne Boonstra

Good luck Carrie! You are amazing and we love you!


Lauren Hughes

We shall persevere Mama! Much love to you and the family!!


Christine Eime


Kate London

Go Carrie!!!


Ren And Steve


Caroline Baker

Go Carrie! Sending good luck vibes from sunny Bournemouth 😘


Intersport Kilkenny

Thought I would give it a decent bump!


Sarah And Michael Thurling

Thanks for sharing your story. We're proud of you for doing this. Go Carrie


Lauren Jones

Good luck xo


Nicole Rees

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! You mums do an amazing job and I definitely take my hat off to all the hard work that you all do day in and day out! You mums are AMAZING!! XXX