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Brisbane Coastrek 2020 - 30km

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My target 30kms

These boots are made for walking

These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do....

Preparation continues, anticipation is growing.   Final gear check is happening.    I love the momentum occurring in these last few days before event day.   

My sister - my hero!

My childhood was fantastic!  Growing up in an average middle class home where my parents showcased the importance of love, hope, family and resilience anchored to our Christian beliefs.  I could not ask for more!   Our family was not immune to life's challenges and, at times had it tough, but during those times my parents showed me that in life you face any situation and navigate through it.

So, really, depression was a foreign concept to me.   I simply did not understand it.

No family is however immune to it, as many refer and know as the black dog.  

My sister was diagnosed with major depressive disorder or clinical depression about 12 years ago and it has been a tough journey to date.

She is the bravest and most enduring person I know and through her journey have taught me about empathy, vulnerability and gratitude.  

Because of her, I am taking on this challenge to fundraise for Beyond Blue and the amazing work they do to support individuals and families with anxiety and depression

Mental challenge overcomed - bring on event day!

Yesterday, 9 August 2020, was mental challenge day!  The big 20km walk.  Motivation, laughs and healthy teasing between the team members made us finish the 20km strongly (well, within our standards).   4 hours, breaks included and a healthy 780m elevation gain!  

We are so fortunate to live on the doorstep of Brisbane Forest Park (Southern part of the D'Aguilar National Park).    In the lead up to event day, we are exploring different routes within the park and it is interesting to work out how each of the different paths interconnect with each other.   But - for some reason we always find ourselves passing the same water tank.  Now officially referred to as the beacon.   A warning for the hills still to come, and a celebration on our return.

I'm so fortunate to experience all of this with my fellow White Dogs!.

Bring on event day! 

Excitement is building - rain or shine!

I am totally overwhelmed with the generosity of so many people joining and partnering with me on this journey.  From my fellow White Dogs (Sarah, Annette and Kim) with their commitment and time investment in training, to my husband and kids supporting me, individuals that reach out to talk and motivate, and off course my wonderful sponsors.  Thank you to each of you!  

Saturday morning 25 July, at 6:30am we took off on our longest walk yet - 16km and not even rain could stop us!  Fellowship, sisterhood, humour and tears were all part of our walk that morning.  Mother nature showered us with rain - and off course with her beauty to inspire us even more.   Excitement is building! 

I’m taking on Brisbane Coastrek!

On Friday 4 September, I'll be taking part in the virtual Brisbane Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Chris Cooper




Simon Thomas

All the best on the challenge Celeste. Great initiative in order to address a serious issue in society. Well done


Michelle Tracey

All the very best - one step at a time


Elena Huff

God Bless, Celeste! ... Because I care...


Colin Alchin

Great cause. Thanks for the photos showing the spectacular areas you hiked through


Tasman Graham

Good on you Celeste. So important to keep up awareness and understanding of our complex and fragile minds.


Mick O'neill


Matthew Furrer

Good on you for taking it on!


Robert Hayes




Kim Buckley

Great effort Celeste!


Steve Carter

Well done Celeste!! A very good cause!


Delia Walker

Good luck with the walk and the fundraiser. You've got this.


Adam Carney

A great cause to represent, good luck Celeste!



Great cause 😊👍


John Stormon

Well done Celeste - great cause and a bit of fun to boot.... Enjoy the day - and the lead up.


Frances Summerhayes

All the very best!!! Wonderful cause and adventure...



You’re doing a awesome job!


Jen C

A most deserving cause ! Good luck !!!


Helen Corns



Great cause supported by a great human!


Gemma Crank

Well done Celeste!


Mj Mcquhae

Most excellent cause.


Kristy Somers

Woo Hoo for the challenge and applaud the personal share. Cheering you all the way!


Quinton Brand

Good luck


Celia De Kock

Wow Celeste!! A woman of inspiration you have always been and truly are! So proud of you! I have no doubt that whatever challenge you set your mind to will be accomplished with great success. Hou bene hou 🏃‍♀️


Ian Scrutton



Fantastic work! also a cause to my heart xx


Pedarm Ittehadi


Taryn Potgieter

You’ll be amazing! Have fun 😎 and be inspired knowing you’ll impact lives!


Chris Morkel



All the best Celeste in this endeavor. !!!! You are an example for all of us.


Peter Logothetis

Good luck Celeste!


Marguerite Gill

Good luck, you go girls! What a great cause!


Ian Sedgman

Good luck Celeste and have fun.