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Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 60km

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My target 60kms

Walk No. 8 - Mt Kosciuszko

An amazing day with amazing friends. Scenery to take your breath away, howling winds, snow, sun, fire haze across the ranges, wild flowers, beautiful mountain lakes and awesome mountain ranges. Oh, and lots and lots of up! We had it all!

But when you walking 2200mts to the highest point in Australia, you should expect a few hills in your day right?

The 23km Snowy Mountain Trail round trip from Charlottes Pass was breathtaking - not easy - but spectacular!

Pure gorgeousness!

Training Walk No.7 - Ourimbah Valley to Tooheys Rd, Yarramalong

Another gorgeous walk today from Hidden Valley, Palm Grove to Tooheys Road, Yarramalong and return. 21kms along the Great North Walk. The Great North Walk (or GNW) is a 250 km path from central Sydney to downtown Newcastle in Australia. It is a truly wonderful trail following many tracks through a bewildering array of natural and urban environments.

Today was all about the magnificent ghost gums, red gums, caggage palms,  Ourimbah Creek and gorgeous equine lagistment properties and rural estates. What a gorgeous, secluded and luscious part of the world!

Again, we had some extra's sharing our day. Judy's hubby Camel, did the whole walk, loving every minute and telling us how he's coming back with mountain bike and tent next time! Soxy and Bubbler turned around at the 7.5km mark, doing 15km. Soxy is one of our 15k teamsters and Bubbler made sure she didn't get lost on the way back.

We are so lucky to live in an area where such a large section of the epic Great North Walk is right on our doorsteps. It makes training sessions so enjoyable and easy to organise. No matter what section we pick, it will never disappoint us with its extraordinary scenic beauty and inevidable challenges.

I love the way we all connect on these walks. A few kilometers chatting away with one, then without even realising it, we're walking along with someone else. We all get on so well, freely and candidly sharing stories, having a laugh, taking the mickey out of one another, and totally enjoying each other's company. 

I really find such empowerment in these days, sucking up the ambiance and our gorgeous surroundings, our time together, and the unconditional friendship we all share.

On to our next adventure!

Training Walk No.6 - Terrigal to Copacabana and return

Today we had all four of the Steppin' Out girls together for the fist time in a training walk, plus Lee, who's Sinner's hubby and loves hangin' out with chicks! :)

An early 6am start and fortunately, not an overly hot day. In fact perfect walking conditions. With all the worry of bush fires, not days and little rain, it was a relief to step out on a mild, overcast day.

We walked the 5-Lands Trail today, it covers the Central Coast from Terrigal to McMasters Beach, taking in the beach from North Avoca to Avoca, up stairs and down the bush trial to Winnie Bay then up to Captain Cooks Lookout at Copacabana and down to the Surf Club, across the beach and finishing off at McMasters Surf Club. We stoppped at Copacabana, turned around and headed back to Terrigal. It's not an easy walk, but our local council has done a great job of making the trail accessible to just about anyone.

A really beautiful walk... again. My feet are pretty sore, unfortunately a bit of heal pain today. Hopefully I'll sort that out in the coming walks and months.

Sinner's pick for our next walk... can't wait to see what she comes up with. Stay tuned.

Training Day No. 5 - Terrigal to Spoon Bay and return

Today's walk was not actually planned, but sometimes things just happen for a reason. I was supposed to go for a bike ride with friends, but left my helmet at home and by the time I got back home, it was too late to catch up with the gang.

So I took the opportunity for another training day. Traded riding gear for my cozie and bundled the dogs in the car for a drive to Terrigal beach.

Today's walk took us from Terrigal Lagoon to Spoon Bay and back. 8km of stunningly beautiful coast. I can't say enough how so so blessed I am to live on the Central Coast. 🙏 It is a truely beautiful part of the world.

And of course, no walk is complete on a gorgeous sunny afternoon, without ‘bubbles’ and music in my backyard at the end! 

Two pooped puppies and one very happy Steppin' Out, Wild Harriette.


Training Walk No.4 - Bouddi National Park

Our walk today was a fantastic challenge. Set in the beautiful Bouddi National Park, it was all about stairs, stairs and more stairs… sandy beaches and lovely bush trails.

We were a group of 5, three of our four Steppin’ Out wild women and two husband ‘ring ins’ keen to join in. Beginning at Killcare Beach, we walked the 2km beach stretch to Putty Beach, to the first of many stairs climbed and descended. Then we made our way to the top of the ridge and around to Maitland Bay, one of two ‘nudie’ beaches on the Coast. Surprisingly though, no bare bums to be seen today!

Across the beach to the next set of stairs… kilometre after kilometre of them, all up! When we reached to top, it was back down again with more trials and a few less steps.

As grueling as today’s walk was… we found plenty of opportunities to stop groaning up those friggin’ stairs, and start laughing, at ourselves and each other, appreciating the beauty around us and the fact we knew this challenge wasn’t going to be easy.

And of course … we didn’t give up! We kept walking, together – as good buddies do.

The beer at the end was bloody awesome!

Not a real Training Walk....

So yesterday I took my 'girls' for a beach walk. It's a 5km walk and we do this walk a lot. The girls absolutely love it. I can take them off the lead, they can run free and swim and just have the best time.

But yesterday was different from the very start. We saw whales, just off the beach! Obviously my 'girls' couldn't really give a shit, they were too busy sniffing and investigating any trace of other pooches who may have co-inhabitated their favourite walk. But for me, it was exhilerating and those whales had no idea how they influenced my mood.

I hope you like my pic... these are my 'girls'. You can't see the whales, but, they were with us the entire 5km walk, breaching, splashing, flaying their fins and having the best of times... And I can assure you, they made my day! Filled me with joy. And without them even giving me a second thought they transformed my busy stressful day into pleasure, peace and happiness.

Nature... gives all and takes nothing. It just is.


Training Walk No.3 - Katandra Reserve

Today, Climax (Judy) and I were joined by Feral (Cheryl) and Satisfaction (Angela). Two of our lovely wild walkers from our 15k team. By the way... we all have funny nicknames! Mine is See Thru... but more about that another Blog.

Meeting at my place, we walked to the beautiful Rumbalara and Katandra Reserves, into the bush and up to St John's Lookout, Mt Elliott.

Sometimes when you say to someone, let's do a 12k walk... it sounds a little daunting and you think... "Geez, 12km is a bloody long way, can I really do that in one walk?!"

But, encouragement is a wonderful thing... and when you start chatting and listening to your girlfriends stories, and admiring the beautiful surroundings, you forget that you're actually walking, and all of a sudden you're already half way ... and it's only a short walk back!

That's what I felt about today's training walk... a day of gorgeous scenery, friendly conversations, courageous, encouraging and caring friends.

Our distances will get longer... and our bodies, minds and friendships stronger.

Training Walk No. 2 - Bateau Bay to Crackneck Mountain

Training day No.2 and we've increased our participation by one with Climax (aka Judy) now back from her little soujourn to the country.

Another great walk this afternoon, with a chill in the air, plenty of stairs, beach, Crackneck mountain, spectacular views, bird life and zillions of bluebottles washed up along the beach. 8.5km today and as the weeks and months go by our fitness, mental and physical health will only get stronger.

We each have our unique stories to share. Happy ones, sad ones, painful ones and joyous ones. We'll thrash them all out together with pure, honest friendship as we find amazing trails to walk, increase our distances and prepare ourselves for this fantastic challenge.

Looking forward to Training day No.3 and the pleasure of walking again with these wonderfully inspiring women.

Training Walk No.1

So training has begun for the Champagne Harriettes Steppin' Out team. However with one of our girls rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous in Hollywood and the other barefoot with daisies in her hair at a weekend folk festival... that left myself and Sandy.

So our first training walk was from Wamberal Beach to the top of the Skillion at Terrigal and back again. 7.5km broken up with a morning coffee at the lovely Cove Cafe, Terrigal. 

A mostly beach walk, lots of girly natter and, being blessed to live on the beautiful Central Coast we enjoyed spectacular scenery the entire way.

A gorgeous way to spend a Sunday morning and only one tiny little blister on my toe! 

Bring on Training walk No.2.


Who are the Central Coast Champagne Harriettes?

We're a bunch of super fun-loving ladies of varying ages, sizes and fitness levels and we love to get together for a walk, lots of laughs and lots of bubbley!

That's why we call ourselves The Champagne Harriettes!

We're from the Central Coast, NSW and our group is part of the world-wide crazy Hash House Harriers fraternity with a gregarious phylosophy of being hailed as "runners with a drinking problem" or "drinkers with a running problem". 

Look us up on FaceBook to find out more about the great things we get up to. We love to run or walk and we love to socialise.

We also love to help raise funds for great charities like this one!

We know all the amazing and beautiful trails on the Central Coast, so training will be both challenging and a pleasure!

As our training begins and continues... I'll blog with highlights of our adventures.

Can't wait to get out amongst nature, get healthy and empowered!




I’m taking on Sydney Coastrek!

On Friday 4 September 2020 (only 5 months away) I am, along with a bunch of my favourite girlfriends, taking part in Sydney Coastrek. Some will walk 60km (including me), some 30k and some 15k. This will not be a skip in the park, it will be the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue. 

And we've already started training! Apart from idividual training, every week we organise a long walk in a different and gorgeous location - whoever can make it, does. And as we walk, and talk and laugh and enjoy the beauty around us, we're also getting fitter and stonger, both physically and mentially. We're also connecting ... sharing stories, offering counsel, wisdom and encouragement. And we never give up!

And as we share and open up to each other, we're realising, we've all been affected in some way by the unbalance, stress and affects of mental health issues. Whether we're dealing with a loved one, or dear friend or even ourselves as we try to unravel a personal crisis, we all understand the struggle of dealing with anxiety and depression and bi-polar.

So this is why we are doing this walk and why I am asking for your support to help me to make a difference.

Every donation helps make a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Leonie Mccouat

Well done Christine.


Diane Laing-schild

You (and the others) are such a good eggs.


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Yay team!


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