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Melbourne Coastrek 30km

I’m taking on Coastrek!

I'm taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor my trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

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A step in time...

Hello trekkers, sponsors and supporters!

So I had a long-awaited bunion-ectomy just before Christmas...which means I'm still wearing my glamorous ortho footwear and waddling around like a duck as I try not to bend my toes. 

Bad news is I can't start training until mid Febembarassed

Good news is that team Ab Fab has the moxie to make up for lost watch this space wink

Meanwhile the sponsorship race is on!



PS...thanks so much to early in sponsors


Thank you to my Sponsors


Liahn And Bennie


Cherilynne Kemp

Go for it Deb, you'll do great!!


Tania Chambers

Happy Birthday for tomorrow darling Deb, we can both celebrate in your honour, knowing you have changed lives with this trek and fundraising, Tan x


Franco Di Chiera

All the best you Wild Woman!


Deb Cox

Go Deb!! x


Lyn Maddock



Ya gotta busta bunion or two Deb :)


Caroline Pitcher

One foot at a time Deb xx


Michael Smith


Sue Maslin

Blisters ahead for a great cause! best of luck on the walk.


Chris Jackson


Susanne Sperber

Good Luck with the walk!




Denise Eriksen


Judy Malmgren


Maggie Mcguinn

Bravo Deb, enjoy every moment of the journey.


Judy Karfiol

Happy birthday Deb!




Ken Miller

Happy Birthday, Debra. And good on you!


Pamela Marshall