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Melbourne Coastrek 30km

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Aaron Pereira

At least one of the Goldies gets out of their chair!


Patrick Horan


Erini Gianakopoulos

Let me know if you need someone to do up your shoelaces. I know a few people.


Libby Owens

Nice one Fi. Good luck


Benjamin Wise

Great stuff Fi!


Maggie Mcilroy


Laura Jolly

Good luck Fi!


Sam Ferris

Hopefully you walk as well as Adam Gilchrist! (He's a cricketer who was famous for walking when dismissed. I'll explain later)


Adam Burnett

The lengths people go to just to get away from Goldie for a while huh...


Craig Mcilroy

Good luck - it's a great charity


Louis Cameron

More coasting than Adam at work, amiright?


Paul & Victoria Goldfinch

Damn. Found out that 1 cent coins are no longer accepted currency. That's the way it goes.


Nick Price


Jack Nicklin


Callum Kanoniuk

Onya Fi!


Andrew Ramsey