Four Crazy Mothers

Melbourne Coastrek 30km

We're taking on Melbourne Coastrek!

We are taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor our trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Sdi Limited

Great Work Tanya. Wishing you some nice weather for your walk tomorrow.


Joanne Wilson




Bravada Waterproofing

Great way to support a worthy cause. I'm told you will romp it in!




Two Brothers Mitcham


Waayers Family


Phil And Potter

Superstar Jess. Enjoy the kicking and the boxing.




Jo And Ed Oudyk

You go girl!!!


Nic Bolto


Rosie Baker



Jess And Matt Dailey

Enjoy the views! You’ll smash it ladies xx


Karen, Matt, Ruby, Pearl And Madison Xx

You’re an inspiration!


Roger Graham Owens


Melsways Fundraiser


Jackson Ray

Good luck Aunty Jess!!


Jodie Jannasch

All the best Jess and all taking part this is a great thing to gift another person.


Michael Hampshire

Break a Leg, but you know, like as in good luck, not as in I hope your leg fractures horribly. Actually, damn, I think you only say that when someone’s performing, you know, like Macbeth. So to make it all make sense you must say this famous quote, “Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” It has the word ‘walking’ in it, so it’s semi appropriate. So my $25 is really now is buying a small Macbeth performance while you walk or crawl to the finish. So goodluck. Of Shit.....


Doreena Christopher

All the best to you all I hope you raise the amount you need and so much more


Tanya Keeghan


Declan And Janice Keeghan

Have a go!


The Williamson’s

Good luck! May you have good shoes, thick socks and plenty of song options to sing along the way.


Sharyn Gregory

Go Tanya..xx :)


The Brooke Family

Good luck Fiona!


Bel & Ava Johnstone

All the best with reaching your goal Jess! we hope the walk is an amazing experience! :)


Michelle Walker

Great work Jess!! You are superwoman! 💪🏼


Samantha Double

Good luck girls 😊