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Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 15km

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My target 15kms

I’m taking on Sydney Coastrek!

Ok, ok. I'll admit that in the grand scheme of things walking 15kms is not exactly on the same scale as... say... scaling Everest. I'll grant you that.

But it's a start!

And it's also all in the name of a really worthwhile cause. 


After such a distressing summer, the need for mental health services is greater than ever. In specific response to the bushfires, Beyond Blue, through its Be You program, is working to support educators and staff working in early learning services and schools from fire-affected communities.

What's not to love and support about that??!!

I know lots of you will have already donated to one of 100s of worthy causes working to support people, wildlife and services in fire-affected areas. I know that 'giving fatigue' is a real thing. You're in my life, and I'm in yours, because of a generosity of spirit and our friendship. 

I hope you'll consider supporting me and my team MFWM** to meet and beat*** our target^.

** Best message me privately if you want to know what that stands for
*** With apologies to Scomo for appropriating the language of which he is so fond
^No accounting carry-over loopholes will be jumped through in achieving our goal. I promise.

Thank you to my Sponsors





Good on you Gen



A lovely initiative for you and the cause of mental health.




John Garran

Good on you Gen!


Bernie Heard

Bravo Gen!




Heidi Jones

Have a great wall. Very glad to be able to support your cause xx


Ali Morgan

Yay, go Gen!!