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Sydney Coastrek 2020 - 60km

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My target 60kms

How team ‘Mad Mumma’s’ came to be

The madness began towards the end of my lap travelling Australia with my family. I  was in full relax mode sitting by the river in the sun at Crescent Head and came across a Facebook post from ‘Wild Women’ about a walk for mental health. I have to admit the mention of a glass of champagne at the end was what got me. That and maybe a little too much sun! (Please note that I had been banished to the cask wine whilst in the caravan 😱😆).


I’ve never been one for long distance anything (other than long drives round Australia obviously!) and had happily been in awe of others and their achievements. I had visions of a lovely evening stroll, chatting with friends and sipping champers at the end of the 15km walk.


Things, however, never quite turn out how you envisaged! To cut a long story short, we now have a team of “Mad Mumma’s” who are totally naive but totally committed who will all be walking 60km on 27th March 2020 for mental health.


‘Mad Mumma’s’ we most certainly are! If OUR mental health doesn’t need a review before we start I’m pretty sure it will by the end!


So 4 mums, Josi Carroll, Caroline Weightman, Snow Hu and Jo Prior, all originally from overseas and brought together by our children, have grasped the typical Aussie attitude of “she’ll be alright” and have embarked on this adventure together.


Please help us stay motivated along the way by sponsoring us and helping us reach our team goal of $2000 towards this worthy cause. It will mean the world to us to have your support and it will make all the blisters, nerves and sore muscles worthwhile.


My next misguided vision is that we will still be able to walk to the bottle of champagne at the end.......hmmmm better make that a magnum!!🤞🤞😉😂😳


Thank you all!


Jo Prior xx

Mad Mumma’s captain


On Friday 4 September, Sydney Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue. 

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

My Updates

And we are BACK!!!

Sunday 14th Jun
We so nearly got over the line with our 60km. Trained hard and were mentally and physically ready......then along came COVID-19 and all was cancelled.

Well done Australia for doing a great job in dealing with this crazy virus and now it’s offical! The virtual 60km walk is back on. Due to be walked between 4-6th September 2020.

So we are back into the training despite it being much harder to jump out of bed in the cold, dark and rainy weather! 

60km here we come!!!!

Time to toughen up!!

Saturday 29th Feb

We only have 4 weeks left to train for 60km on 27th March so we decided we should should tackle some of the beach walking. 29km and approximately 9km on the beach we made it from Seaforth to Newport! That was definitely the toughest walk we have done so far even if it wasn't the longest!!

We are looking forward to our BIG training walk next week before the 'Taper.'

We have a night walk to try then a small 25km walk the week before the event.....wish us good health and good luck!!!

All weather walking

Sunday 16th Feb

So We’ve walked in 38 degrees heat, 100% humidity and a storm whilst dodging falling trees and powerlines (probably not our best decision on that day!!). We are now truely ready for any weather the BIG day might decide to throw at us!!

Regular 30km walks has certainly increased my stamina, it’s truely amazing how the human body copes with challenges (although I did get my 1st blister today 😖).

What the boys may call ‘gossip’ really is the best distraction! When talking the whole way, it was actually a massive surprise to find that we had walked 30kms!!! The conversation could easily have gone on for another 5 hours!! Today, I walked a solo 30km walk and realised how important our team is when walking as a group.

Such a great group of ladies in our team! Thanks guys for being naive enough to do this with me 😁

Phew it’s hot!!

Sunday 26th Jan

So I've punched out a few kilometres over the past couple of weeks. Last Sunday we walked 37km and I'm telling you those last 4km home were the hardest!!!


This Australia Day morning I did a solo walk to Manly and persuaded our friend Sam to walk back with me after his surf. Jeez not the best initiation to the Coastrek training for him.....90% humidity and 28 degrees by 9am!! 

Phew glad that 27km walk is over!! 

Happy Australia Day!!

Happy New Year!!!

Sunday 5th Jan

After the crazy run up to Christmas where blogging about our training progress has taken very much a back seat, I thought I had better start the New Year with an update to our journey!

So far I have clocked up 279 training kilometres with the longest walk so far being 27km in the catastrophic weather conditions yesterday! Hmmmm I’m starting to wonder whether we need to change our team name back to ‘Mad Mumma’s’ after all!

The smoke and heat haven’t been a deterrent though and it was actually a pretty enjoyable walk. Maybe the company and child free chats makes the distance not such a huge effort. It’s also great to take in the natural beauty of the Northern beaches where I’m so lucky to live and am thankfully safe from the terrible bushfires that are ravaging NSW at the moment.

So far so team blisters, sprains or strains and despite having trekked up and down approximately 6000 steps to date, my booti is disappointedly not showing any rewards for my hard work!!

We still have just under 3 months left to get us ready for the 60km coastal walk with probably 3 times the number of steps to do in one go. You never know my luck, I might finally be bikini ready by April 😆

The name game

Saturday 4th Jan

Since registering for this walk we have had some debate over the name of our team. The original idea of ‘walkie talkies’ had already been taken by 3 teams with various different spellings 10 minutes after the registration opened. So a quick decision by the only 2 team members in the country on registration day led us to quickly name us the ‘Mad Mumma’s’. Fairly apt as we are all mums and must be mad to embark on this hike rather than the very pleasant sounding 15km evening stroll to collect the glass of champagne at the end!!

However, it turns out that not all team members think they are ‘mad’ to be walking 60km Up and over multiple headlands and across multiple beaches. I put my hand up and admit I am totally nuts and I know at least one team member who is equally as mad. The other 2, it’s fair to say, are marginally more sane. The seed of doubt was cast and the name game began.

13km and about 257 name suggestions later, we managed to narrow it down to 2 that the whole team could agree on. A few more discussions later and we finally all agreed to have a play on words as our team name. 

So I would like to introduce team 'Fortytude.'

I’m still in denial that I really belong to the grand age of 39+ some as I stopped counting at 21. Mund you, the sleep deprivation my girls put me through did make me feel about 100!

However, it's time to put my pride to one side and hold my head up high as team captain of team ‘Fortytude’. Let’s hope we all get our old bones over that finish line in one piece!!




Week 2

Sunday 20th Oct

After getting a little worried last week about how my body will cope with walking 60km I'm pleased to say this week it was much easier! Thank goodness for muscle memory! My poor sore knee was no issue at all today.

We are slowly getting our team organised to train. This morning we managed to get 3 team members together. It was a beautiful morning for a 13.5km coastal stroll from Seaforth to Manly. 

It feels so great to be out exercising again and being able to go faster than the speed little 3 year old legs would otherwise let me go!

My confidence is increasing already and I'm looking forward to more hours of chatting child free during our training!

Training has begun!

Sunday 13th Oct

Training has started and I’m more than a little nervous about how much 60km is going to hurt already!

Although a training planner is provided for us to follow by Coastrek to be fit for the walk, it’s only 12 weeks long. After walking from home to Manly (13km) today I’m thinking that I definitely need more than 12 weeks to get my body ready for this huge walk!

I haven’t walked the Manly to Spit walk for probably a decade and had forgotten how truely beautiful it is. Jeez we are lucky to live here! I’m looking forward to next weekends walk already......hope this enthusiasm last for another 5 1/2 months!!

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Good luck and good on you!


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good luck!


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Go girl!


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Joanna Prior

Come on you Mad Mamma’s!!!


Clare Dooley

Wishing you and the team of Mad Mumma's a lot of fun and plenty of fund raising and champagne. All the best ladies 🥂👣👟🥾🤣



Good for you Jo! So sorry I won’t see you on the path...that champers will taste A-maaaazing! 😂 fantastic cause x


Rachel Edmondson

Good Luck Jo and enjoy that glass of bubbles at the end!



Hey Jo! You’re nearly there my friend! What an achievement you mad Mumma! Haha, love the name, and the cause. I’ll be cheering you on virtually from the couch and raising a glass of bubbles to you! x Annabel


Jan Barker

Good luck Jo! Great challenge and very worthy cause xx


Susie B

Good luck - a great cause xx


Katie Redfern And Family Xx

Well done Mad Mumma's!! Enjoy your champers at the end and well done for doing great work for such a good cause. Good luck!


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Good luck Jo!


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Eat up those km’s Jo!!! Great stuff.


Chantal Gregory

This is fantastic jo!! Goodluck with it, I’m sure u guys will all smash it xx


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Well done Joey. You're awesome



Well done and good luck!


Faye Johnson

Well done Jo and team...not sure i could walk that far x


Kim Moore

Amazing courage for a great cause Jo. We'll be cheering you on from England! xx



Good luck Jo, you’re doing a great thing here!


Samuel Burke

Go Joanna!!