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Hair For Humanity - Blog #1

  • Around 2 million people in Australia live with anxiety
  • 1 million people in Australia live with depression
  • 8 people in Australia take their own lives every day

Everyone experiences the ups and downs of mental health throughout their life at some point. I would like to share a little about myself and my story to explain why doing this charity walk is important to me.

If I don’t have the courage to share my story and help break down the misunderstandings of mental health, I can’t help others in the way I’d like to.

Mental health, depression and anxiety were not things I heard about or knew anything about growing up. It was never spoken about at home and I didn’t know anybody affected by it.

I didn’t realise how lucky I was to only learn about it in my mid-40s when an overwhelm and confusion hit me like a steam train I didn’t see coming. “Ouch!”. The stress, fear and trauma I experienced during my marriage breakdown and coming out gay in my mid-40s introduced me to anxieties and depression.

I’ve learnt a lot since this difficult time in my life and come a long way. Despite the challenges of my journey, I have met some amazing people who have inspired me to create my own not-for-profit charity, Hair for Humanity. Experiencing the complexity of mental health, I recognised we all need a helping hand sometimes and found my compassion for homeless people. For many of these people, their experience of trauma and depression leads to losing their jobs, families, communities, homes and too often, their lives.

Two years ago, I started volunteering with people sleeping rough on the streets and giving them haircuts and smiles. I started out thinking I was giving to them, but through the connections and conversations, they give me so much more.

By doing this walk, I want to help reduce people’s experience of the stigma and discrimination around mental health.

I’m taking on Sydney Coastrek!

I am taking part in Sydney Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

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Melissa Spencer


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Lets get this ball rolling


Claire Owen

Well done you! You’re an inspiration, so lovely to do things together for a cause, dear to your hearts, very connecting. xxx


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Ivana Caruso

You are an inspiration to us all xx