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I’m taking on Sydney Coastrek!

On Friday 27 March, I'll be taking part in Sydney Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Did you know that three million people in Australia are living with anxiety and depression?

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia, so thank you for your generosity.

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Any excuse for a catch up

Today was our first official catch up on our Coastrek journey since we registered a few weeks back (VIP entry, limited spots, it was a challenge in itself to get us all registered in the 2-hour window due to the waves and distances selling out very quickly). We met at Jallys Camden- a local fave cafe. It was busy as usual. Once we had located the right table (thanks to Jo for stalking) we were able to settle in and chat (I mean plan….no I mean chat lol)

In reality it was a great excuse to catch up. Over Coffee. And Breakfast. Away from kids and husbands. Let’s call it self-care but in reality that short-changes our families support which is unequivocal and unwavering. As our biggest supporters we are so very grateful to them- but more on them in later blogs- today is about us.

For those playing along at home- we are back!! For our second year at Coastrek. Jules, Jojo, Susie and me, Vorn. 18 months ago we hadn’t met (well Jojo and Susie go way back) but for the rest of us our paths hadn’t crossed. Then the gods smiled on us in reward for our pursuit for health and fitness and by some bit of serendipity we met at a local gym and well, the rest is history. We just all clicked, these girls were immediately my tribe, my kin, my sisters. Jules is truly my fitness bestie in every sense. These ladies are encouraging, friendly, kind with no judgement - ever! What started as a friendly g’day and quick chat before and after classes quickly blossomed into full blown friendship. I genuinely look forward to catching up as they fill my joy cup every single time.

So this time we have upgraded from the amazingly beautiful twilight 15km (Mosman to Manly) to the 30km day trek from Curl Curl to Mosman which we think will be equally spectacular and challenging.

Are we nervous about the distance? -yes

Are we excited about the trek? - absolutely yes

Are we physically and mentally up to it? - 100% yes - no doubt here - we are pumped!

So toady we planned - because Jules keeps us on task….

  • Our fitness goals to be 30km ready
  • Our equipment needs- we may need walking poles for this one
  • Our uniform colours- we are sticking with the pink- it was a great colour last year and we Stood out- did I mention how much we love the lime light?!; and
  • Most importantly our fundraising strategies. For this is not just a trek for the sake of a trek or the kudos of walking a said distance, the main goal is the fundraising.

This year the charity that Coastrek has selected is Beyond Blue. We are very excited to be fundraising for Beyond Blue. With three million people in Australia living with anxiety and depression, this is a cause close to our heart. Good mental health is something we are passionate about both professionally and personally. Such a worthy cause.

So stay tuned as we continue to share our journey over the next 5 months.

There are lots of ways to support us as we shamelessly fundraise our team’s minimum of $2000 for Beyond Blue. People can donate and we are grateful for any amount you can spare. The link can be found below. We will be having a trivia night in February next year and we would love all our local friends and family to come along and support us on that night. We will be looking for donations for prizes too so if there is any way you can support us please reach out. We are also looking at very fun girl’s night out before the end of the year. - so watch this space. Finally, if none of the above work for you, a simple like of this blog or share of our page would mean the world to us.

Thanks again for reading along. As the official PR/blogger for the team (not self-appointed but gladly accepted) you will hear a lot more from me as the weeks roll by.

I’d better go as I think I may have accidently agreed to the 7 bridges walk next week with Jojo and Susie who are registered already (and Jules if she’s free) so I should get a walk in today, soon.


Yours in trekking,


(On behalf of Camden Coasters)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Tulin Paltaci

You go girl🤜🏼🤛🏼



You’re the kind of woman that makes people want to up their game. An inspiration and an absolute legend! Can wait to hear about this next accomplishment! Get it girl ❤️


Zoe Crossingham