South East Sirens

Melbourne Coastrek 30km

We're taking on Melbourne Coastrek!

We are taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.

Please sponsor our trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Dale Bronts

Movie Fundraiser


Castlerock Property

Good Luck South East Sirens - Dale and Team


Nigel S.

You are amazing. Have a great run


Susie Teumble



Good luck, have fun.


Margaret Bronts

Good Luck South East Sirens (Dale and Team)


Bill Kinsella


Russell Fletcher

Go you crazy Sirens! So proud of you


Carolyn Reynolds

Go you good thing!!


Janine Maillard

Great cause, goodluck girls


Tania Gooley

You got this GF πŸ’—


Michelle Moss


Monica Sternalski

Go girls!!


Charlotte Nilsson-liu

Go girls!


Rhys And Jillian


Chris Gregory Patti Stiles

You go sister.


Kim Lewis

Go sexy sirens, there's no stopping you now. Sirens4eva, Good luck have fun - Kim XX


Kristi De Young

Way to go Dale. Have a few champs for me at the finish line 😘


Chris Keogh


Amy Moule

Chookas lady! You and your team are incredible xxx


Jess L

Good luck :)


Nat Morgan

$1 per km DB, tick off every km & think of me


Tania Vestakis

Happy Trekking! 😘


Luke Rimmelzwaan

Amazing stuff


Clare Mcaleer

Good luck! Enjoy!


Melissa Wilson

Well done Sarah


Natasha Hosein

Such a great cause! Good luck to you and your team x


Amber Binns

Happy running πŸƒπŸ½‍♀️πŸ’ͺ🏼


Fiona Charlton

go girlfriend.


Analise Wright

Good luck lovely! Hope you and your team have an awesome day- such a great experience!


Diane Zapedowski


Amanda Buckley

Xxx you are amazing!


John Green


Kevin Yap


John Marc Desengano

You're an inspiration xx


Katherine Weaver

Go Sarah Kinsella!



All best Dale!! Kat x