Caroline Dorr

Adelaide Coastrek 30km

I’m taking on Adelaide Coastrek!

On Friday 20 September, I'll be taking part in Adelaide Coastrek, for the second year, proudly supporting Beyond Blue.

Is there someone in your life struggling with depression or anxiety?

Ups and downs, stress, fear and exhaustion are a normal part of life as we react and process the things happening around us. They are part of an important set of instincts that have kept us safe for eons. occasionally these feelings hang around much longer than they need to, sometimes seriously affecting our ability to be productive, interract or enjoy ourselves.

Beyond Blue is an Australian not-for-profit organisation who's team of mental health professionals truly understand depression and anxiety, and all other aspects of mental health. They provide phone and online counselling services to anyone who needs them.

Every donation helps and makes a significant impact to mental health and wellbeing in Australia. Thank you for your generosity.

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James Thiessen

I'm jealous - 30km of joy. Go smash it


Craig Reardon


Hugh Kneebone

Good luck and enjoy!


Catherine Austin

good on you hun x



Stay dry!


Kylie Pethybridge

You go girl!


Tam Winklerwheeler

Good on you guys. Great job.




Andrew Cook

Go for it Cuz


Sophie Hancock

Keep being awesome lady



Up and up Caz you legend X


Andrew Fairney

Go hard! And enjoy 😁