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Coastrek is a fitness AND fundraising challenge, and we're super passionate about the fundraising part. Coastrek is one of the most successful fundraising events in Australia and our trekkers have raised over $40 million for charity since 2009. This has transformed the lives of millions of people in Australia and around the world. 

Not only does fundraising benefit the recipient, it also benefits the giver. Have you heard of a helper’s high? It’s that swooping, joyful feeling of wellbeing you get when you do something nice for someone else, and yep, fundraising, volunteering, and donating all help you get it.

Helping others has been scientifically proven to improve both our physical and mental health. Through a Coastrek event, our trekkers, donors, volunteers, staff members, support crews and supporters all get to experience this mental health boost.


In 2019, Coastrek partnered with Beyond Blue nationally, with a goal to raise millions of dollars for mental health and wellbeing. All trekkers commit, at the time of registration, to fundraise $2,000 per team (or $500 per individual) for Beyond Blue.

Fundraising for mental health is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The money you raise will help reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in Australia by ensuring everyone can access mental health support at the right time. If you need help planning your fundraising activities or events, we're here to make your task easier.


  • Lots of tips and ideas to make sure fundraising is easy and fun! 

  • Access to an epic team, via phone or email, who can support you every step of the way.

  • An online fundraising page ready to update and share with your friends and family to collect donations.

  • Fundraising resources including a fundraising and social media guides, posters, web banners, social media tiles, infographics and email templates.

  • Fundraising inspiration and mental health information to help you raise awareness delivered to your inbox.

  • A great excuse to throw that party, event or dinner you've always wanted.

  • A sense of pride and achievement knowing you've made a real difference for people in Australia affected by anxiety, depression and suicide.




Three million people in Australia are currently experiencing anxiety or depression. Every day in Australia, an average of nine people sadly take their own lives. 

Beyond Blue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to reduce the impact of anxiety, depression and suicide in Australia.

Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

They tackle stigma and discrimination and work to give everyone in Australia the confidence to speak openly about anxiety, depression and suicide – encouraging people to seek support when they need it and check in with those close to them.      

Donations help keep Beyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Service running around the clock, providing practical advice, information and services for everyone. The Coastrek community’s support is more important than ever to ensure every phone call, web chat and email to the Support service is answered. 

Watch this video to see the life-changing impact of fundraising for Beyond Blue.




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Are you ready to get creative with your fundraising efforts? Fundraising for mental health is one of the most rewarding things you can do. The money you raise will go towards helping someone access mental health services, 24/7. If you need support when it comes to fundraising activities or events, we're here to make your task easier.

Mental Health Fundraising on Social Media

Although we don't expect you to make your page go viral, we do encourage you to share it with friends and followers! Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are excellent avenues for sharing your story. By sharing your journey as you train, you can bring more attention to your fundraising page and gather more donations. Fundraising activities can be significantly elevated by the power of the digital world!

Make the most of the tools that social media gives to you. From stories to sharing progress status’, there are lots of ways to grab the attention of people who might want to donate. Many of our top fundraisers create blogs or Facebook pages to share their training and fundraising journey with their community!

Creating fundraising events

Fundraising events are excellent ways to socialise, have fun and generate donations at the same time. They don’t need to be extravagant or labour intensive either! If you usually host barbecues, why not throw one in honour of your upcoming walk and ask your guests to donate $25 to support mental health? Or, if you love parties, you can plan the event of your dreams, complete with charity auction, a raffle, and a donation box at the door! Now's the time to start generating ideas and make your dream come true.

Fundraising activities can be super fun! Whether it's a humble bake sale or a more extravagant friends and family get together, anything goes. Beyond Blue does some amazing work and we're excited about helping you help them.