At Coastrek, we’re hiking for healthy hearts in 2023. Your heart, the hearts you love and the hearts of all Australians.

We believe women deserve to make their heart health a priority. When you take part in Coastrek, you’ll be giving your heart the luv it deserves and funding life-saving research and programs by supporting the Heart Foundation.

Why We Chose to Support the Heart Foundation? 

We’re delighted to be supporting the Heart Foundation in 2023!
50% of Australians live with one or more chronic diseases, while coronary heart disease – Australia’s leading cause of death – claims the lives of over 45 people every day. The Coastrek program, a 12-week training and fundraising plan which culminates in an iconic endurance walking challenge, is an ideal way to build healthier, happier hearts. Additionally, fundraising will help the Heart Foundation to deliver its programs and fund life-saving research, to improve the heart health and quality of life for all Australians.

Every step you take during your Coastrek program makes a real impact on your own heart health, the hearts you love and the hearts of all Australians.


$4,153,791 raised

$4,350,000 Goal

$4,153,791 raised

$4,350,000 Goal


Women & heart disease

Helping women thrive. The Heart Foundation is committed to improving heart health outcomes for women.  The Heart Foundation continue to take action to raise awareness, develop healthcare professional information and resources and invest in research to address current gaps in knowledge about heart disease in women.

Jump Rope for Heart

Skipping for healthy hearts. Jump Rope for Heart is an iconic program for primary schools across the country. This key fundraising program encourages kids to develop a positive attitude towards exercise, enjoy healthy eating, and protect their heart health. 


Future Leader Fellows

Build female leadership in vital heart health research. Continue to fund high-impact research that reduces the risk and impact of heart disease and improves outcomes for people living with heart disease.

Rheumatic heart disease (RHD)

Acute rheumatic fever is an illness caused by an autoimmune response to a bacterial infection. Rheumatic heart disease develops as a result of damage to the heart valves following rheumatic fever. First Nations Peoples are more likely to develop rheumatic heart disease or acute rheumatic fever than other Australians. Rheumatic heart disease is also twice as common in females as it is in males1 


You’ll love the life-changing difference you can make. Over the past 12 years, Coastrekkers have raised over $45 million for charity, and 2023 will be our biggest year ever!

When you sign up for Coastrek in 2023, you’ll join thousands of people making a massive impact on heart health in Australia. Our 2023 fundraising goal is $6.5 million for the Heart Foundation, which will make a real difference to many people impacted by heart disease. Plus, by training, fundraising and getting into nature, you’ll be taking real steps towards protecting your own heart, and inspiring your friends and family to look after theirs.

At Coastrek, the finish line is just the start. Let your love leave a legacy by hiking for healthy hearts.

Your Heart

Your Heart

We believe women deserve to make their heart health a priority. You need to move your most important muscle, and you need to do it regularly. As little as 25 minutes of exercise a day can make a massive impact to your heart health, and by finding a fun way to get and stay fit, you’re more likely to stick to it.

Fall in love with cardio by hiking in nature with friends, and get ALL your muscles moving. The heart wants what it wants… and it wants to hike!

the hearts you love

The Hearts You Love

Embrace the difference you can make – not only through your generous fundraising, but on your family, friends and community.

By taking care of your own heart, you’ll inspire your kids, parents, siblings and friends to do the same. Heart disease can impact anyone at any age – get your whole family moving to protect their hearts now. Invite them to join your team, bring your kids on training walks, ask them to be your support crew or volunteer on Event Day… there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Coastrek will get your whole family moving more in nature, and every step takes us closer to an Australia free from heart disease.

The Hearts of All Australians

The Hearts Of All Australians

Coronary heart disease is a leading cause of death among Australian women, and there is still more research to be done to find out why.

According to Cardiologist Dr Nikki Bart, the symptoms and signs of a female heart attack are completely different to the crushing 'elephant on the chest’ pain typically experienced by men.

“She gets a bit short of breath. She gets profound fatigue. And that could be it... she might just get on with it, and so often the diagnosis of the heart attack will be delayed, and therefore the treatment will be delayed,” Dr Bart said at the launch of Coastrek 2023.


This was Jen Tucker’s experience.

A fit, healthy executive in her 30s, Jen was totally blindsided when doctors found a major blockage in her heart.

She’d visited the doctor ‘just in case’ after an usual bout of breathlessness while walking up a hill, and took some convincing to make an appointment with the cardiologist. The doctors, too, were baffled when she showed up for her angiogram – they actually thought her mother was the patient!

During the angiogram, however, “the cardiologist just stops, spins the screen around and goes to me ‘I am so sorry Mrs Tucker, you have a 90% blockage in your LAD, which is one of your main arteries, we need to stent you immediately’,” Jen said.

“This is extremely serious. If we had not picked this up today, more than likely this would have been a fatal incident.”



Part of the reason women’s heart attacks are not recognised and diagnosed is due to research being conducted primarily on men.

“There are so many studies that only have about 25% of women enrolled,” said Dr Bart. “We need to have more women enrolled so we understand women’s genetics.”

Dr Bart is also passionate about the “magic pill” that is so important for women’s heart health: exercise. “I want to see you walking 17km of soft sand in the morning!” she laughs. 

When you join Coastrek, you’re putting your heart into something magic by funding life-saving research and heart health programs via the Heart Foundation.

With your support, we can help end the heartache caused by heart disease. Your impact starts now...

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