Kelly Hutchison

Melbourne Coastrek 60km

I’m taking on Coastrek!

I'm taking part in Melbourne Coastrek, the ultimate team trekking and fundraising challenge, proudly supporting The Fred Hollows Foundation.  I've never walked this far in one go, and I think it also might be the first time I've done any challenge-related fundraising since my 3rd grade read-a-thon at Hills Elementary School, in Iowa US of A!

Please sponsor my trek and give the gift of sight to the needlessly blind.  I need all the help I can get....even the training walks are WAY more than I've done in awhile.  But helping to restore sight for those in need around the world is the least I can do.

I'll post pictures along the way.  Thank you for supporting me and the Fred Hollows Foundation!



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2nd Long Walk - tick!

34kms completed today - only one blister!  Many muscles currently giving me feedback though.  Best get some more tiger balm and nurofen.  Stunning day in Melbourne today though.  

Thank you to my Sponsors


Jim Fiene

Great job, Kelly!! I think this is awesome!! :)


Annelize Biggelaar

Go Kelly!


Klr Consulting

Good luck Yanky Doodle!


Cal Baker

KJ - inspirational . The Fred Hollows foundation has long received my support and I am proud to support your amazing efforts . Cal


Sloane Peterson

pls let me come with you for walking I am good doggo and I like to bite things



You go girl. NY must be shiXXing themselves




Leah Swan

I am happy to skip the photos of your nasty feet! Good luck 😁


Sarah Wong

Giddy up Kelly Jo!


Sloane & Jeanie


Peter Avery

A round of applause to you and your co-walkers Kelly. Best wishes, Peter (see you next Sunday afternoon for a coffee/tete a tete)


Nick Avery

Go honey go, go, go !!


Laura Smith

Amazing effort Kelly - good luck with it xx


Ernesto Arriagada

Good work Kel!


Katrina Spence

Huge effort so impressive. Good luck!!!


Steph Angelini

Go half breed! I'm proud of you darling. xoxo


Larry & Jude Mcclure

Kelly, we are so proud of your trek and the cause that it supports! Take heart in knowing that once you’re back home soaking your sore feet, you can savor what you’ve accomplished!


Tara Hanlon

All the best Kelly!!! You are your commitment


Damien, Susie, Ted, Jimmy And Charlotte & Robert (somewhat Reluctantly)

Huge effort! Congrats from OMC Group!


Jessica Roberti

Good luck with the walk!!!


Lisa Byrne

You're amazing gorgeous girl! You are crazy, but signing up and committing to this cause is fantastic! I sincerely hope you don't end up with blisters,, aching feet, hips, ankles and knees that stop you from a enjoying a celebratory drink at the end!


Natalie Baker

Go Kelly Go!!!


Rick Wingfield

Well done Kelly & team



Winners are grinned!!


Nancy Danahy

Good luck Kelly!!! Have fun. Miss you Nancy


Marcus Williams


Joe Powell

Good on you Kelly for embarking on the trek!


Naz & Matt

Run Forrest 🏃‍♀️


Sharon & Matt

A brilliant cause Kel - walk like the wind!


Alex Phil Lachie & Liam Dever

This donation is on the proviso we don’t have to see pictures of your gross post walk feet 😂 🤢


Timothy Avery


Simone Mcdonald

Go well!!


Geoff Donohue

Kell is very special. Like a pizza oven that never disappoints with soggy or burnt pizza bases. She loves a walk, not the ‘long walk on the beach type’ more the kick arse, I’m gunna walk around the globe (Forrest’s Gump style). No challenge is too great, but many are too small for this all-conquering long-walker. I fully expect she will be admitted to the Walkers Hall of Fame in due course. That award will sit comfortably next to her several Walk of Shame awards


Liz Slavin

Good luck!!


Janelle Leonard

Kelly you are amazing!