7 New(ish) Podcasts To Listen To On Your Next Solo Training Walk

11 Apr 2024

Here at Coastrek, we’re passionate about inspiring women to get together. But sometimes, when you’re training for Coastrek, you might need to head out solo. Whether you’re squeezing in a quick mid-week walk before work, hitting the trail on your lunch break, or taking a much-deserved ‘me’ moment on the weekend, a solo walk can be a great way to get some movement into your day… and it’s even better when you have something great to listen to. 

If you’re looking for a new pod to enjoy while you get moving, try one of our favourites below. From a buzzy true crime investigation to an interview series on failure, here are 7 podcasts you won’t be able to turn off.

The Mushroom Cook

In July last year, a woman named Erin Patterson served a lunch of beef wellington to her former in-laws and extended family. A few days later, three out of four of them had died. From the Herald Sun comes a new podcast that investigates the story of this tragic tale that captivated Australia and the world. 

Patterson has since been charged with murder and attempted murder, and the podcast will cover her trial and the evolving story in real time. Everyone’s going to be talking about The Mushroom Cook… tune in. 

Too Much by Future Women

Have you ever been told you’re too much? Too loud? Too opinionated? Too messy? Too emotional? In this new podcast series from Future Women, journalist Helen McCabe talks to impressive Australian women who have been told they’re too something. From Grace Tame (“too obsessive”) to Julia Bishop (“too diplomatic”), this series offers insightful interviews that’ll give you permission to embrace your “too”-ness and chase your dreams. 

Alone Australia, The Podcast

If you, like us, fell in love with Alone Australia’s winner Gina Chick last season, get excited, because Season 2 has started and we have a podcast to go along with it! Hosted by Gina and SBS News presenter Darren Mara, this podcast breaks down the action of every episode and shares all the things you won’t see on the telly. The perfect companion podcast to your fave show! 

Mum Club

Mum Club is a brand new podcast from Kidspot that promises to be a ‘judgement-free parenting zone’! Join hosts Emily Blatchford and Leah Goulis as they talk about everything from gastro to gentle parenting with wit, wisdom and a whole lotta laughs. 

Mamamia Out Loud

Mamamia Out Loud isn’t new, but it is one of our fav pods to listen to on our daily walks and longer Coastrek training hikes! Join hosts Mia Freedman, Jessie Stephens and Holly Wainwright, as they discuss ‘what women are talking about’. Listening to Outloud feels like hanging out with your smart and funny mates, while they catch you up on the news and pop culture moments of the day. 

Tell Me What Happened, Season 4

The world is full of stories of people helping, and people being helped. This podcast tells a few of them. A lost hiker is found thanks to an internet sleuth with a quirky hobby; a surfer facing off with a Great White is saved thanks to three strangers who paddled into the fray; a student pilot loses a plane wheel on takeoff and has to prepare for a dangerous landing. Tell Me What Happened shares extraordinary moments of kindness, compassion and community - listen and feel your faith in humanity be restored. 

How To Fail with Elizabeth Day, Season 20

The hit podcast How To Fail, from British journalist Elizabeth Day, is back for its 20th season! Every week, Day interviews an extraordinary person about how their failures have shaped them, motivated them, and ultimately made them stronger. With her signature warmth, wit and generosity, every episode is an absolute treat that will make you feel better about life. There’s hundreds of evergreen episodes to enjoy, so if you find yourself needing some wise and optimistic company on a long training walk, give How to Fail a try.