Did Someone Say Girls Weekend Away?

03 Aug 2023

Despite being scattered across three different states, team ‘Cyst-ers’ were undeterred when it came to registering for Coastrek. In fact, they leaned in to the girls weekend away idea, and like many Coastrekkers, are now in training on vastly different terrains, and coming together for the ultimate getaway with purpose for Coastrek Fleurieu Peninsula. And we are pretty sure the McLaren Vale wine region is on the post-event agenda!

We spoke to ‘Cyst-ers’ captain, Kelly, about the team’s shared passion for fitness and their desire for a much needed girls trip as their motivation for doing Coastrek – as well as the back story on their unique team name…

You have team members coming from Victoria and the NT! As the local, were you the driver in getting everyone to the Fleurieu Peninsula? Did it take much convincing??

Yep, call me the driver, my call to arms for my girls! The Coastrek ad popped up on my feed while I was travelling. Instantly I called my friend Jody who lives in the Northern Territory, as well as my sister Abby who is living in Victoria, and said let’s do it! They didn’t take much convincing.

My sister Abby is a master organiser, we had an Airbnb, massages, and dinner booked before registration was even paid!


What made you think of doing a challenge like Coastrek?

Honestly, I needed the challenge. I love walking, we all do. Jody and I especially, needed a physical challenge in our lives. It’s given us drive, camaraderie and the bonus of getting fit and feeling good.


How do you all know one another?

I’m Abby’s older sister by 10yrs, whilst Jody is the older sister to our fourth trekker Bridget.

I met Jody when I moved to Alice Springs back in the early 2000’s, we are very alike and clicked instantly. Bridget also lives in Alice Springs, and I worked for her business for a time after my daughter was born.


Are you or any of your team keen on hiking already or will this be something new for you?

I walk every day, but this has inspired me to take it to a higher level. Abby is more sporty and younger! She plays soccer and has 2 young boys; Jody is into bush walking, her and I have done some great walks together in the NT, and Bridget has done some really cool hikes including a 7-day Himalayan trek and a has trained for Kokoda. I think she might be the dark horse actually and the most hard core of all of us!


Finally – your team name…there has to be a story there?

Between the four of us we have at one time or another experienced cysts of all different types and origins. From cysts on ovaries to cysts in our breasts and, to boot, we are two pairs of sisters! All that combined and presto – you have team Cyst-ers!

There are many reasons and motivations for taking on Coastrek – and we love that a shared passion for fitness and friendship has brought this team together.

Whether it’s Sydney’s Northern Beaches, the Mornington Peninsula, the Sunshine Coast, the Fleurieu Peninsula or Margaret River – a girls weekend away with Coastrek will be one to remember…