If I Can Spread The Word About Heart Health And Importance Of A Healthy, Active Lifestyle Then Count Me In

08 Aug 2023

Nadia Mitsopoulos is a journalist and prominent media personality in WA.  Her career spans over 30 years including over a decade at ABC Perth where she has been hosting the popular Mornings program since 2021.    

Born and raised in Perth, Nadia is passionate about issues affecting West Australians including health and wellness.  She was motivated to get involved in Coastrek because it touched so many areas of importance for her personally.  She values keeping fit and active, enjoys being outdoors and loves spending time with her friends. Recently one of her close friends experienced a life-threatening heart episode, Nadia was even more motivated to share awareness about heart health.  

“I’ve always been aware about the impact of heart disease in Australia and often talk about heart health on the radio. But it really hit home after a close friend recently experienced a life threatening heart episode. He is fit and healthy and what happened to him was unexpected and a wake-up call for all of us.  So if I can help spread the word about heart health and the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle then count me in. I am embracing the Coastrek training program with my team of close friends. We are trekking on event day not only for our own health, but to support the important research and programs of the Heart Foundation to combat heart disease.” 

Nadia was so successful in recruiting friends to join her for Coastrek that she managed to form two teams!  Look out for The Heartthrobs x 2 teams trekking the Twilight 20km on event day.