If you are looking to join a team, you can check out the team vacancies listing below or add your profile so a team looking for someone can contact you.

Or, if you have already signed up to Coastrek and have a spot you need to fill, you can check out the profiles to find someone and you can also check out your Coastrek community page on Facebook you can post in there as often past trekkers are looking to join a new team.

Alternatively, as trekkers ourselves, we find last minute team mates in unexpected places like; previous work besties, other mums from the canteen shift, parkrun friends etc.

Happy trekking!

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Name MelanieDay
Event 30km
Mobile 0405780512
Gender Female
Comments Late 40s professional woman from Brisbane, looking to join a team and enjoy the event, while fundraising for an excellent cause. Please contact me if you have room for 1!