30 Reasons To Exercise (That Have Nothing To Do With How You Look)

30 Aug 2019

By The Coastrek Team

Sitting on the sunny balcony at Coastrek HQ this week, we talked about exercise. Specifically, reasons to do it. Ideas flowed thick and fast.

It was only after we’d finished that we realised not a single one of our suggestions mentioned physical appearance. There were no comments about losing weight, building muscle, or looking ‘good’. It was about the inner benefits of exercise, being outdoors, and moving your body. It was about how exercise makes you feel.

We thought it was worth sharing those ideas with you as a reminder that despite what marketing and the media still likes to tell us, there are far better reasons to move than ‘to look good naked’.

Here’s what we came up with:

  1. It’s good for your mental health.
  2. It’s fun. Seriously, it is. If you haven’t found a type of exercise you enjoy yet, keep looking! It’s out there.
  3. It’s nice to get outdoors. Sunshine, sparkling sky, nature. Amazing.
  4. It’s an excuse to catch up with girlfriends for a good, looooooong chat.
  5. It helps you feel more confident in what your body can do. 
  6. It helps you feel stronger and more powerful.
  7. It helps build resilience. Challenging workouts help us manage challenges in life!
  8. It’s great for your joints – boring, but important.
  9. It’s great for your longevity, and who doesn’t want a longer, happier life?
  10. It makes you feel sparkly and alive.
  11. It makes you feel fresh and revitalised.
  12. It gets those happy hormones pumping. Who doesn’t love endorphins?
  13. It gets you out of your head and clears the fog.
  14. It reduces your risk of preventable chronic diseases, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
  15. It’s great for your physical health.
  16. It helps to build community! Walking and talking is great for your social wellbeing.
  17. It reduces rumination.
  18. It helps you de-stress. Bad day at work? Walk it out.
  19. It reduces your risk of dementia.
  20. It literally extends your life. Research by the American Heart Foundation found that for each hour of regular exercise done, you'll gain roughly two hours of additional life expectancy.
  21. It allows you to go on adventures!
  22. It’s great for you heart and lungs.
  23. It improves your circulation.
  24. It increases your libido and improves your sex life. Yeah baby!
  25. It keeps your bones strong.
  26. It improves your immune function. Bye, bye, sniffles!
  27. It boosts your mood in just a few minutes.
  28. It boosts your productivity.
  29. It improves self-esteem.
  30. It helps you sleep better than melatonin!

What are your favourite reasons to exercise? Let us know in our Wild Women Community on Facebook.