5 Reasons Coastrek is the ultimate Corporate Wellness Program

09 Nov 2022

Corporate Wellness is having a moment. Over the past few years, companies have realised that taking care of their team’s wellbeing is good for business – not just employee for health, retention, productivity, and culture, but also the bottom line.  

There are many corporate wellness programs, including those focused on mental health, fitness, and health checks, as well as team building and fundraising, but they’re often unengaging and ultimately short lived. None of these programs incorporate all these elements over a longer period. Until Coastrek.  

The Coastrek program is a 12-week team training and fundraising challenge, culminating in an epic 30km – 60km hike along a spectacular coastline. The training and fundraising gets teams moving together in nature, improving employees physical, mental and emotional health and encouraging camaraderie and connection.  

We spoke to Kate from Dorado Property, who joined us for our Coastrek Margaret River event, to bring you five reasons why Coastrek is the ultimate Corporate Wellness Program.  

Unique Team Building Adventure 

There are plenty of opportunities for teams to bond and get to know each other not just during training but also on Event Day. There are plenty of opportunities for teams to showcase their strengths, build each other up and excel in the face of adversity.  

“The day was made special by the milestones, hearing those bells at each break point was music to our ears,” Kate said.  

“All of us excelled and struggled in different ways on the day, but because of that we realised we have a team we can genuinely lean on when we need it.” 

Change Lives 

Coastrek is an amazing way for workplaces to give back to the community through fundraising. By getting employees involved in the fundraising efforts, they feel connected to and appreciative of the donations and support given by their employers.  

For Dorado, their participation was about honouring all the people in their lives who are struggling with mental health. They wanted to help ease the burden in whatever ways they could for others, and fundraising for Beyond Blue in 2022 was a beautiful way to achieve that goal.  

Achieve a Goal 

Achieving a goal as a team is a fantastic way to bond with co-workers. Within the Coastrek program, there are many goals to tick off! Whether your team is motivated by the journey or destination, the physical challenge or the fundraising, you can be sure they’ll cross that Coastrek finish line feeling super proud of their achievements.  

For fundraising, Dorado surpassed their original team goal and are keen to push their fundraising goals even further next year! Even more than fundraising, Kate said Coastrek was about “finishing and pushing ourselves but also bonding and just getting out into nature, whereas other events we have done were focused more on ‘winning’.” 

Improve health Outcomes 

Even if you’re a super fit gym junkie, your physical and mental health will benefit from our challenging training program, which includes fitness, nature and stretching activities.  

While the team at Dorado already had great fitness regimes in place on a personal level, they did follow parts of the training program, especially the sand training section, and did a couple of training walks together before the big day. 

Have Fun! 

“We had a ball of a time,” Kate said. “It was an amazing team bonding experience, helping each other across the finish line and generally making the whole day full of laughs. We got to know each other on a much deeper level than we previously had. “ 

When asked if Dorado Property would do Coastrek again, their answer has been resolute: “Absolutely!  

“We are already planning how many teams we can get together next year,” Kate said.   

“Our company, having seen how well it went this year, have had more and more people put their hands up as wanting to get involved.” 

Want to try out Coastrek with your workplace? Check out our Corporate page for more info or contact our Partnerships and Customer Service Manager to see how you can get started!