Anne George: Five ways Coastrek has changed my life

06 Mar 2024

Anne George will take part in her third Coastrek in 2024 with her team ‘Tappy Trekkers’.  Anne fell in love with Coastrek instantly and as wordsmith in her professional life, who better to share her Coastrek experience that Anne herself…

Five ways Coastrek has changed my life 

Tap dancing and trekking don’t have a lot in common – right? 

But these two activities have completely changed my life, and given me the strength and motivation to walk hundreds of kilometres in the great outdoors, just for fun, with fabulous friends, for a wonderful cause! 

Before Coastrek, I’d taken up and dropped plenty of different types of exercise, from swimming and gym classes to running, netball to squash, kick boxing to Pilates. 

But nothing ever stuck. I’d make resolutions, try and build habits, but something always got in the way, and I’d give it up. I often felt like a bit of work-out failure. 

I found it really frustrating to be a goal driven person without a big fitness goal. Until one day, a friend said, “has anyone heard of Coastrek?” 

Ever since I heard those words, I’ve been on board with regular, effective exercise for the first time ever. Coastrek was the perfect combination. A big feel-good goal, good friends, and the chance to get out from behind my laptop into nature. 

After learning to tap dance together in 2018, and supporting each other with masked-up walks during Melbourne’s long, dark days of lockdown, Coastrek 2022 seemed the perfect way to get together as a foursome and celebrate our freedom. And the Tappy Trekkers was the ideal team name! 

In 2024, the Tappy Trekkers will lace up our shoes for our third Coastrek, and we can’t wait to start training again for the 30k event. 

Here are the five ways Coastrek has changed my life. 

Fun. Let’s face it, we all need more of it, especially when we are busy adulting; trying to be a good partner, take care of a family, build a career, look out for ageing parents and handling all that day-to-day ‘stuff’. Our heads are full of lists and commitments and reminders, and we need to take time out for us, too. I have laughed more, achieved more and absolutely had more fun in my life since Coastrek. 

Friendship. What’s better than walking, talking and laughing with friends? Together we have encouraged and supported each other to do amazing things. Three years down the track, we’ve not just trained and walked the Coastrek event, but taken fabulous hiking weekends away together, that may have also involved great food and a bottle of bubbles or two! J 

Fitness. Right now I feel I am probably the fittest I have ever been. I feel strong and I absolutely love being active. I don’t need my Fitbit to remind me I need to move any more – I crave it!  

Fundraising. As part of my career I have the privilege to work with many not for profits, and fundraising is literally close to my heart. The opportunity to raise funds and make a difference for Beyond Blue (2022) and now the Heart Foundation in 2023 and 2024 has provided huge motivation, and gave our loving family and friends a big reason to support our training efforts! 

Fearless. These days, if I’m ever feeling doubtful or worried, I simply remember that if I can walk 45kms in one day, I can do anything. Coastrek has given me so much, and I’m so thankful that it is part of my life. 

Anne George & the Tappy Trekkers Team - Coastrek 2022 30km