Employee Wellbeing and Team Bonding For Diverse Teams

18 Nov 2022

Team bonding can be tough at the best of times. But for diverse teams who work together sporadically, remotely or with different agendas, it can be next to impossible.  

One such group of diverse teams that need to work together is our community services – Police, Ambulance, Fire and Rescue and Council. All separate organisations that come together to keep us safe, save lives and take care of our community.  

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming these organisations at Coastrek! The Siren Squad was a group of 6 teams from diverse community services who hiked 35km as part of Coastrek Margaret River in October.  

We spoke to Simone Taplin from the WA Police on what doing Coastrek meant to them.  

What helped push your desire to participate in Coastrek? 

All members of the team work as public servants. With a passion to serve the community comes a mental resilience and selflessness.  

We work so hard to keep our own mental health in check that this was a great test of our mental resilience and also to build those relationships between agencies when we are needing to work together.  

I imagine it’s difficult getting the team together to do training when you are located in such different areas? 

The team came from all around the south west and Perth so training together was difficult. To overcome this we had a Whatsapp group that we used to push each other and support each other in the build up. When someone would go on a walk they would post about it, which really motivated others to get moving!

How was your event day experience? What were the highlights? 

The group found their own pace and the people to stick with to support each other at that pace which was good. A lot of conversations on the walk were around jobs attended and how we processed them and actually having a debrief while on the walk.  

All found the 4km of soft sand the most mentally tough and testing. With everyone finding what makes them get through hard times and overcoming adversity, as they all made it through.  

The pride we all had in each other for completing the task was amazing, it didn’t matter who came in first or last, we pushed each other to all make it over the line and that is a bond we will have forever. 

Would your team do Coastrek again? 

Yes! It was great to bring everyone together to tackle a challenge and raise funds. 

What did you do for fundraising, and was it hard? 

It was surprisingly easy. We received sponsorship from a number of local companies making up probably half of the donations, then we had friends and family. We raised over $1000 for a raffle where local businesses donated to us. 

Coastrek, and the challenge it provides, bonds teams and enables a camaraderie that helps them to work more closely together. This is more than a tick box exercise. This is a chance for your teams to get true value from a wellbeing program. 

Want to try out Coastrek with your company? Check out our Corporate page for more info or contact our Partnerships and Customer Service Manager to see how you can get started!