How Mainbrace Constructions is ‘MbRACE-ing’ Coastrek

28 May 2024

For Mainbrace Constructions, taking part in Coastrek aligns seamlessly with the company’s commitment to community and one of their core priorities - to ensure the physical and mental wellness of their team members.  It’s engrained in Mainbrace’s culture that they’ve channelled through their ‘MbRACE’ Community Program, explains Emily Kirkby, Marketing & Communications Specialist. 

“By participating in events like Coastrek, we not only support the causes that matter most to us but also engage with community groups to raise awareness of social issues. It's about more than just writing a cheque; it's about actively participating and finding creative, original, and enjoyable ways to connect with and support our communities.” 

Under the MbRACE program, Mainbrace employees are granted volunteering leave to assist in charitable causes and have the option to donate to a charity of choice through workplace giving.  The added bonus with Coastrek, is that teams members benefit from the health and fitness outcomes, and being a national event series, all team members have the opportunity take part – either as trekkers or event volunteers. 

“Coastrek’s multiple locations align perfectly with our desire to involve teams across NSW, Victoria and Queensland.  It’s provided a fantastic opportunity for our teams across those states to participate in a meaningful event together – with some friendly state v state competition!”  says Emily.  

“Additionally, the flexibility in the length of the walk caters to varying fitness levels, and walking in general is a much more inclusive activity.” 

While Coastrek has traditionally attracted mostly female participants, Mainbrace didn’t see this as a deterrent for its predominantly male employee base. 

“We saw this as an opportunity to be involved in an event that supports causes that are important to many of our team members, regardless of gender. Our first Coastrek supported Beyond Blue and our second and third supported the Heart Foundation, with many team members appreciating the chance to bond outside of the usual work setting while also contributing to a meaningful cause.” 

Senior Project Manager, George Sereti has participated in the Coastrek Sydney event in 2023 and 2024 and says he was pleased to support the Heart Foundation in memory of his father: 

“My father passed away from a sudden heart attack at 57 years of age.  There were very few warning signs, other than some family history of heart disease, but because Dad kept active and had a relatively healthy diet there didn’t seem cause for concern.  So we were stunned to find out that a blocked artery was the cause of the heart attack.  The more people educated about heart health the better and walking 30km with my work mates is the least I can do.” 

George also rates the team camaraderie, learning to keep each other motivated and facing some of the more difficult parts of the terrain together as a huge benefit as well as getting to know colleagues. 

‘We started in our teams of four but by the end we were all one big group supporting each other across the line.  You end up chatting to people you just don’t come across in a work setting which is great.” 

Asked if he had any plans to step up to the 50km challenge, George said he’s likely to stick to the 30km: 

“For me, 30km is a great challenge that pushes you but still allows for some energy to celebrate at the finish line!” 

Cheers to that!