Dr Jenny Brockis: Creating Happy, Healthy Workplaces

07 Aug 2023

Dr Jenny Brockis is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, board-certified lifestyle medicine physician and workplace-based well-being consultant.  

She is ranked as a ‘Top Voice’ on Linkedin where she shares her mission to make ‘work’, work better for all, through the creation of a workplace culture founded on connection and care. 

With this in mind, Jenny jumped at the chance of becoming a Coastrek Ambassador because of the natural synergy it has with creating a happy, healthy workplace.  

“Training for and completing an event like Coastrek creates a very strong bond from a shared, often emotional, and physically challenging experience. Corporate teams will benefit greatly from this – as well as the shared commitment of giving back to the community by supporting the Heart Foundation.”  

“If you’ve ever volunteered your time for a charity bash, donated some money to that good cause or served up a meal to a hungry person, you’ll be familiar with that wonderful feeling of having done something worthwhile, of contributing to something bigger than yourself.

·       It makes you feel happy.

·       It boosts your mood.

·       You’re more generous to others who may also need help of some kind.

·       It makes you feel more content and more grateful for what you have."

See what else Jenny has to share about the joy of doing good with others

Coastrek continues to grow in popularity with both Government and private sector – getting more teams out of the office and into nature!