Kate Grarock: Natural Connection

30 Nov 2023

For Kate Grarock, every hike is a chance to connect with nature.

An accomplished Environmental Scientist, Hiker, Filmmaker, and Speaker – in 2023 she added ‘Survivalist’ to the list, taking part in the phenomenal SBS series Alone Australia.

Growing up in country South Australia, nature and the outdoors had always been part of her life, but her path to pursuing her passion for the environment was not a traditional one. After school, Kate spent five years in the Royal Australian Navy – where she was awarded recruit of the intake and the Australian Active Service Medal for operations in East Timor – before leaving to embark on an Environmental Science degree.

Not one to do things by halves, Kate graduated top of her class at the University of Wollongong with First Class Honours in a Bachelor of Environmental Science and went on complete a PhD from the Australian National University, focusing on management of introduced species and publishing six peer reviewed scientific papers.  As an ecologist, she has helped reverse extinction through restoring the environment and bringing back Australian species that were once locally extinct.

It’s through this dedicated environmental lens that Kate continues her love of hiking and the outdoors, both as an expedition leader with Bush Blitz, travelling to remote parts of Australia looking for new species of plants and animals, and now as an Ambassador for Coastrek’s inaugural Canberra event in March 2024.

“I am passionate about inspiring others to get outdoors and enjoy all the benefits of connecting with nature.  Canberra has been home to me for 16 years now and it’s also home to some amazing species such as the Latham’s Snipe who travel up to 20,000 km to call Jerrabomberra wetlands home during our summer months.  Or if you are out there training around dawn and dusk keep your eyes peeled for Platypus or Rakali (water-rat) that never fail to bring joy when you spot one.”

“I encourage all Coastrekkers to take a moment and appreciate the beautiful surroundings of our bush capital.”