Staying Hydrated For Coastrek

10 May 2022

Staying hydrated is important not only for ensuring you complete your Coastrek event, but also for you and your team’s health and safety. Regardless of the weather (and we’ve seen it all during these events, from blistering heat through to pouring rain), making sure you have enough water and are filling up at the checkpoints throughout the course is vital.

To give you some expert tips on hydration, we spoke to our friends at Camelbak, a world- leading brand of reusable water bottles, hands-free hydration packs and drinkware.

Note: this is general advice - if you have any specific hydration needs, please consult your medical provider. 

How much should I be drinking during an event such as Coastrek?

There is no absolute answer when it comes to how much water should you drink - everyone is different both in terms of their own physical needs and the physical exertion they are outputting.

One thing to remember is that often when you start feeling thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. It is best to constantly sip or take in water on a regular basis and ensure your teammates are doing the same. Take note of your water intake, and ensure you have enough water on hand at all times.

Do I need to drink different quantities in hot weather vs cold?

As mentioned, consistent water intake is important. In terms of weather, the key difference is that on a hot day, you’re sweating more. Sweating is your bodies way of helping regulate your temperature, however it also means you are losing water more than you would on a cooler day when you are not sweating nearly as much. If it is a warmer/hotter day than usual and you notice you are perspiring more, you should note to make sure you are managing this with your water intake too.

What is the benefit of a hydration pack (as opposed to a regular water bottle?)

A key benefit is that your hands are freed up! Camelbak’s internal reservoirs in packs and tube/bite valve system means you can access your water without stopping or having to reach for a bottle, and it is always available to you.

It is also easier to carry that water in your pack. 2L of water in bottles may mean carrying 3-4 bottles as opposed to one reservoir.

Finally, managing water is easier when you can see how much of your reservoir you have consumed and only need to fill one water supply rather than multiple bottles.

How do I stop my hydration pack tasting like plastic?

When you first get your CamelBak, rinsing it out a few times and running some water through the tubing/mouthpiece will help. Also ensuring you properly dry it out and clean it after use is essential.

How do I clean my hydration pack?

The most basic way is to rinse both the reservoir and tubing, and hang it upside down with the opening open to allow the air to dry it out. If you want a more thorough clean, we recommend getting a cleaning kit, which comes with both cleaning tablets and a brush kit. These can be found at outdoor stores such as Anaconda or 

Can I put electrolytes or other flavourings into my hydration pack?

The simple answer is yes, however it will make cleaning it after use very important and you’ll need to be thorough (ideally using a cleaning kit to ensure all the sugar/taste etc is properly removed).

A better idea is to use your reservoir for water and carry a smaller bottler for hydration/electrolyte powders - this will make clean up far easier. It will also make it easier to measure how much water and how much electrolytes you’ve consumed.

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