The Power of Social Media for Fundraising

03 Jul 2024

What’s your reason to hike for healthy hearts? Using your social media platforms is the easiest way to spread the word. Whether you’re looking to share your physical activity accomplishments, create awareness about the impacts of heart disease in Australia or honor your hike to someone you love, your family and friends will want to show their support. 

When Jordie and Nate lost their mum Andrea suddenly to heart disease they were determined to honour her memory by not only signing up their team 'Andy's Army' to hike 20km for healthy hearts at Coastrek Sunshine Coast but by using their social media in support of their fundraising and to spread the word about the impacts of heart disease on Australian women.  

With around 7,000 Australian women losing their life to heart disease every year, a simple post on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter can make a life-changing difference. Jordie said; 

“I really want to decrease this horrible statistic and want to avoid anyone else going through what myself and my siblings went through losing Mum so young and so suddenly. I know Mum would want that too because if she had any warning we could still have her with us.” 

Just like Jordie and Nate, you can help save Australian hearts by encouraging your family and friends to support your challenge. These amazing Heart Heroes have raised over $4,000 by sharing their story on social media, this will help fund life-saving research and programs to improve the heart health of women and all Australians 

Inspired but not sure what to post? Check out our social media posting guide. 

The Heart Foundation