What To Do If Your Team Mates Aren't Available To Train With You?

02 Jul 2024

Training for an event like Coastrek, no matter which distance you choose, requires camaraderie and a shared effort. It’s why we put so much emphasis on being a team event; there is logic behind it! 

But, what if your teammates aren’t available to join you on your schedule trainings? 

They say ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ for good reason, so don’t let their absence derail you from your training. Solo training can be just as effective and fulfilling with a few adjustments to your routine. We’ve got you covered!  

Embrace the solo journey.  

While yes, training with teammates or buddies provides a surge of motivation and a strong sense of companionship, solo training provides opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery. Oh, and it’s SUPER liberating. Without a plan however, embarking on a solo training journey can feel daunting, so it’s crucial to devise a clear strategy. 

Set Clear Goals.  

This might seem simple, but it really is important. Establishing clear training goals is essential when embarking on a solo training mission. Determine specific objectives for each session, whether it’s increasing endurance, improving pace or testing out your Coastrek Event Day gear. Having these goals clearly defined will help you keep you focused and motivated throughout your training regime.  

Establish Your Why. 

Come back to your reasoning. Why are you taking part in Coastrek? Is it for the memories? Is it for the challenge? Is it for the fundraising? Did you reluctantly get roped in by your friends? (Yes, we know this happens!). Regardless, keep your why front of mind. This keeps everything in perspective and allows your mind to recognise the importance of training for something that will serve you well beyond the Event Day.  

Plan your Route and Incentivize!  

We always encourage you to choose trails and paths that mimic the conditions of the Coastrek route. Seek out coastal paths with varying terrain, elevation changes and similar distances to help condition your body and mind for the challenges ahead. However, to sweeten the deal when you are training solo, get that incentive scheduled in. Mid-route coffee, a hot chocolate on a clifftop, a massage, or a delicious dinner, whatever reward works for you, look forward to it as a well-earned treat.  

Create a Fun and Motivating Playlist. 

Music can be a great motivator during solo sessions. Create the ultimate playlist filled with your favourite ‘pump-up’ tracks to keep you energized and upbeat (or listen to ours!). Alternatively, soak up an insightful podcast or audiobook to keep you motivated and inspired. Opting for a lighthearted listen is also a great option for when you’re in need of a mindless little distraction.


There is no denying that training for Coastrek is challenging – it’s meant to be! But believe us when we say it is worth it. Take this as your encouragement to persist with your training schedule even when your teammates aren’t available, and trust that solo training can be just as effective and fulfilling with the right approach. You’ll enjoy Coastrek event day so much more knowing you’ve done the training and your trek-fit and ready to go!