If you are looking to join a team, you can check out the team vacancies listing below or add your profile so a team looking for someone can contact you.

Or, if you have already signed up to Coastrek and have a spot you need to fill, you can check out the profiles to find someone and you can also check out your Coastrek community page on Facebook you can post in there as often past trekkers are looking to join a new team.

Alternatively, as trekkers ourselves, we find last minute team mates in unexpected places like; previous work besties, other mums from the canteen shift, parkrun friends etc.

Happy trekking!

Teams with Vacancies

The Antipodean Amblers

The Antipodean Amblers

Looking for one more trekker for 20kms.

Individuals looking to join or create a team

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Name Heather Smith
Event 35km
Email hdsmith@iinet.com.au
Mobile 0401481094
Gender Female
Comments I'm looking for a team to join - did the 35km in 2022
Name Rae Ashcroft
Event 35km
Email rachael.ashcroft99@gmail.com
Mobile 0434473977
Gender Female
Comments Would love to do my first 35km Cape to Cape! Looking for a team to join.
Name Mireia
Event 35km
Email Mireiapeguero@gmail.com
Mobile 0451824830
Gender Female
Comments Looking for a team to join. I am 41 years .