Virtual Coastrek 2020 FAQs

27 May 2020

UPDATED 20.10.20 1.00PM

On 30 October 2020, our Melbourne Coastrekkers will come together virtually for an epic day of fun, fitness, friends and fundraising, supported all the way by the team at Wild Women On Top.


What is the date for the Virtual Coastrek?

Melbourne Virtual Coastrek will be held on Friday 30 October 2020.

What if the date doesn’t suit our team? Can we walk on another day?

If your team can’t walk on 30 October, we understand. Your team can choose to walk on another date and still be eligible for a finishers certificate, medal and all the epic virtual resources we’ve got for you. 

However, we strongly recommend you complete your walk on Friday 30 October, if possible. There will be lots of Coastrekkers coming together to walk for mental health in Melbourne, and you’ll get all the Event Day vibes. We’ll also be there to support you LIVE on social media, host you at Virtual Luv Stops and give you a huge WOOHOO when you post your finish line pic! 

Coming together as a community is what Coastrek is all about. 

What is involved in Virtual Coastrek 2020?

Government restrictions mean we are unable to physically come together as a Coastrek community, but that’s not going to stop us from coming together virtually, achieving our goals and having lots of fun along the way!  

Teams completing the virtual Coastrek will: 

  • Choose a beautiful route on a 60km, 30km or 15km trail close to their neighbourhood.
  • Get fit, fundraise and have fun.
  • Come together in spirit on Friday 30 Oct for an epic day of walking and talking, supported all the way by the team at Wild Women On Top.
  • Complete challenges, check-in to Virtual Luv Stops, win prizes (yep, we still want to see your fancy dress!), listen to the Coastrek Playlist and cross the virtual finish line at the end of your walk! 
  • Print off the fabulous (and funny!) Coastrek signage to update your supporters with km check-ins throughout your walk. 
  • Our awesome new eco-friendly medals will be posted to the team captains after the event, so you can still snap that ‘I DID IT’ selfie!

Can we do Virtual Coastrek AND transfer to the 2021 event?

No. Unless you have registered for multiple events in 2020, your team has the choice to either:

  • Participate in Virtual Coastrek (you don’t need to do anything. Your team is registered and we will be in touch with more information), or,
  • Transfer to another Coastrek event in 2021. Instructions on how to do this will be emailed to all teams today (Thursday 4 June).

If you have registered in more than one Coastrek event for 2020, please contact us. 

What are the dates for Coastrek 2021?

Our Coastrek event dates for 2021 are as follows.

Sydney Coastrek: March 19

Melbourne Coastrek: May 21

Brisbane Coastrek: July 23

Adelaide Coastrek: September 17

Please note these dates are subject to change. We hope we can all gather on these dates to celebrate community, walk for mental health, and raise much-needed funds for our charity partner Beyond Blue.

Will we still get medals? 

You betcha! To celebrate your team's awesome achievement of completing the Virtual Coastrek challenge, we will be sending your Team Captain your team's medals upon completion of the trek. These medals are eco-friendly, and will be an epic reminder of your efforts.   

Are there fees involved with transferring to a new event?

No – there are no fees to participate in the Virtual Coastrek or to transfer to another Coastrek event in 2021.

Note: You can transfer to an event of the same or lesser distance to the one you originally registered for.

Can I get a refund?

No. We have a clear refund policy that you accepted as part of the Terms & Conditions when you registered. However, due to the unprecedented circumstances, we have provided you with the following options:

  •   A full credit to participate in Virtual Coastrek 2020 OR
  •   A full credit to participate in a Coastrek event in 2021

Thank you for your understanding as we have tried to come up with a range of options that both supports our Coastrek community and allows us to continue to be able to offer our services and fundraise for our charity partner into the future.

Virtual Coastrek is going to be AWESOME and we hope with all our hearts that with your support now, we’ll be able to continue walking for mental health – this year and many years to come. 

Can new trekkers join Virtual Coastrek?

No. Virtual Coastrek 2020 is an exciting new event format that is offered exclusively to teams who are already registered for Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane Coastrek in 2020.

New teams will NOT be able to join the event, although team captains will be able to replace those trekkers who are unable to participate.

Our team wishes to participate in Virtual Coastrek 2020. How do we do this?

You don't need to do anything yet. If we don't hear from you by June 12, we will assume your team is joining us for the Virtual Coastrek 2020.

To confirm your participation, we will simply be asking you to acknowledge the T&C’s relevant to the Virtual event.

Our team wishes to transfer to 2021. How do we do this?

If your team wishes to transfer to 2021, your team captain must let us know which event you would like to transfer to via an online link, which will be emailed to captains today (Thursday 4 June). 

As Coastrek is a team event, what you decide is a team decision. 

I was registered for Sydney Coastrek and already advised that our team wished to transfer to the 2021 event? Do I need to do it again?

Yes please.   

As government restrictions were introduced within the week leading up to Sydney Coastrek, (that truly seems a lifetime ago) some procedures were implemented very quickly. We have now integrated our Coastrek 2020 plans, and made the transfer process to 2021 much simpler if your team is choosing this option. Therefore, your team is still registered in Sydney Coastrek and we hope you decide to join us for the Virtual Coastrek on September 4. After discussions, should your team opt to transfer to a 2021 event, you will need to follow the instructions which will be emailed out to you today (Thursday 4 June). 

Some team members want to do Virtual Coastrek 2020 and others want to take part in 2021. Can we do both?

No. As Coastrek is a team event, what you decide to do is based on a team decision. 

Do we still have to walk as a team of 4? What if members are sick, isolating or in different locations?

Even though we've gone virtual, we really want to encourage you to complete your trek as a team of 4. However, we understand that this may not be possible, if trekkers are injured, unwell or not in the same location as their teammates. 

If your teammates are in different areas, you can still walk as a virtual team of four on the same day! Get creative with Zoom, Whatsapp or Messenger and share your experience with your teammates even while you’re distancing or distanced from each other.

If your teammates have to withdraw, we hope you'll be able to find lovely, supportive and like-minded Coastrekkers who you can join your team. The Coastrek Facebook Group and Team Vacancies page on the website is a great place to connect with trekkers looking for teammates.

Please make sure you follow the Department of Health guidelines regarding social distancing and gatherings in your state. 

What if the government introduces further regulations?

We will continue to monitor advice from the state governments and will continue to update our FAQs and event formats to ensure we provide timely and accurate information. 

Do we need a Support crew?

It’s always good to have a bit of support! If you have friends and family who are available on Event Day, ask them to cheer you on and provide love, food, treats, gear, fresh socks or shoes or anything else you might need. 

This could be as small as doing a coffee run, or as big as planning a full sit-down picnic with candles, foot massages and chocolate-dipped strawberries. 

A support crew is mandatory for the 60km event and strongly recommended for first time 30km-ers. 

We will have staff manning our emergency HQ phone if you need to contact us on Virtual Event Day, however, just like traditional event day and during training walks, if a situation is life threatening we ask that you contact 000. We will send emergency contact details and info to all participating teams as we near event day.

Will there be a training program?


Your training program is currently available in your Dashboard (we know it’s been a long time so to access this you simply log in (via the LOGIN button on the top right hand corner at using your registered email address and your password).

Can we do the walk over 2 days?

Yes. Given the restrictions experienced in Melbourne over the past months, we are allowing Melbourne Coastrekkers to complete their Virtual Coastrek over several days, if necessary. 

How do I ‘prove’ to Coastrek and my sponsors that I completed my walk?

You will be able to upload the details of your event day kilometres in the 'My Coastrek Activity’ page on your dashboard. 

You can log your Virtual Coastrek in two ways:

  1. Using the Fitbit or Strava app on your phone. Download the app from the app store and set up an account. Then, in the 'My Coastrek Activity’ page on your dashboard, select your fitness app icon you have downloaded and login with your account.

  2. Manually add your KMs if you use a different app.

If you’ve been using your Fitbit or Strava for training, then you’re all set and can continue to track your training. Fitness data will be reset just before Event Day on Sept 4 and updated to your Coastrek distance goal. 

Can we choose our own route or should we walk the original Coastrek route?

To adhere to the latest social distancing guidelines, we ask you NOT to walk on the initial proposed Coastrek route, as this could lead to congestion.

You can select your own route, close to home or on a route of your own choosing. A list of some recommended coastal trails for each state will be coming to your dashbaord shortly. While some of these are not exactly 60, 30 or 15km, feel free to get creative and add on some extra kms or do loops of your selected trail to get your kms up.

Please remember to adhere to current Government directives regarding social distancing and restrictions on public gatherings.

Where does our fundraising go?

Funds raised through Coastrek go directly to Beyond Blue as its exclusive charity partner. Your fundraising helps support Beyond Blue’s 24/7 Support Service, which provides free, one-on-one support and information from a trained mental health professional. 

Will our current fundraising carry over to the new event?

If you take part in Virtual Coastrek 2020, your fundraising will carry over automatically and appear on your new Virtual page.

If you choose to transfer your registration to another Coastrek event in 2021 funds raised in 2020 will be taken into consideration. For example, if your team has already raised $1500 this year, your team goal for 2021 will be $500. 

But don’t let that stop you if you want to raise more – it’s only a goal and goals can be reached and exceeded! Beyond Blue’s Support Service is currently needed more than ever before, and we are so grateful for all our Coastrekkers’ continued support. 

When does Beyond Blue receive the funds?

Funds go directly to Beyond Blue at the time of donation. We are so grateful to you and your donors for allowing us to continue supporting Beyond Blue at such a critical time.