I’m So Passionate About Being Out In Nature And What It Does For Our Minds And Our Body

20 Jul 2023

Georgina (Georgie) Mollison has been a Coastrek Ambassador since the inaugural event on the Fleurieu Peninsula in 2018, and she has trekked every event since with fellow Ambassador – and bestie - Millie Walker.  

Georgie’s loved being in nature for as long as she can remember. When she was a little girl, she loved climbing trees and exploring national parks around her home town of Adelaide. Georgie has turned her love for nature, and her passion for the outdoors, into a career as a wildlife ecologist so she gets to connect with the environment every day. 

Georgie is also a qualified personal trainer, so exercise is a huge part of her everyday life. But she’s not just about burpess and pushups - she’s a hardcore hiker and loves exploring the wilderness. 

“I’m so passionate about being out in nature and what it does for our minds and our body – and that’s part of the magic of Coastrek. 

I like to think of Coastrek as a fitness journey.  The training you undertake, and the fitness challenge of event day is truly remarkable.  Plus, not only are you out and about in nature with your friends – you make so many new friends along the way!” 

As a mum of two young kids with special needs, Georgie knows how hard it can be to prioritise exercise and her own health and wellbeing. But she knows it’s a must to keep herself on track. 

“I think as women, we’re very good at looking after everyone else first. And I had to learn the hard way that if I’m not looking after myself, my body and my mental health, I can’t look after anyone else. 

“Sometimes it’s the small, opportunistic things that make all the difference. The quick walk around the block because you’ve got a gap between meetings, or the extra set of stairs. Often when I’m really busy, they’re the things I get the most joy from.” 

WATCH Georgie and fellow Ambassador, Millie Walker, share their love of Coastrek on Hello SA TV show:

Walking in nature has done wonders for Georgie’s mental wellbeingShe shares her personal story here.